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2008-09-20, 7:55 a.m.

Day 1490 (I think)

Coming to you live from Liverpool (NY, not England. Damn!) Sitting here early Saturday morning in, well, you donít need to know what Iím wearing (or not), waiting for the big Al Anon New York North Fall Election Assembly to kick off.

Actually, it kicked off last night, but I got in so late, I kinda missed the getting the ball rolling. Why was I so late? Golf of course.

We need a quick rundown of the last few days, donít we?

Whereíd we leave off? Had The Bob firmly ensconced in his new, ďClub Med for the Septuagenarian Dementia Suffering setĒ. (quick tangent Ė they have a unit specifically for ďmemory issuesĒ Bob isnít there, yet. Itís mostly for wander threats. But. There is a woman there with Alzheimerís/dementia that is all of 52 years old! It saddens me to think what she and her family are going through at such an early stage of life)

Anyhow. Bobís kicking up a wee bit of a fuss. He sees to be somewhat put off by the number of people in wheelchairs, on walkers, sporting oxygen tanks. He doesnít want their problems. He also thinks he can get an independent apartment someplace, use public transport to get around (I applaud him for that thought) and live on his own.

Thank god we have doctors orders saying he needs to be in an assisted living facility. We (Cindy, her brother, myself) will meet with Bob and the staff at CMSDS this coming Wednesday. At that little meeting, we, the staff and the doctors orders will somehow convince Bob that independent living is a thing of the past for him. Those doctors orders are going to be the bad guy.

Lessee Ė bowling Thursday night Ė individually, I did really well. Even beat brother lefty! 640 on the night with a 172 game to open. (yes, thatís 468 for the other two games. I was unconscious.) Unfortunately, the other team was more unconciouser. (work with me here) Plus our team was down a man as youngest bro got stuck at work (heís in accounting, itís near the end of the quarter). While we got credit for his average, it didnít help much against the onslaught of strikes the other team was throwing. Ah well, we had fun. Thatís the point. You know youíre with a good bunch of folks when you can get your ass kicked and actually like it.

Work Ė wow. We are so backed up because of vendor part problems they actually wanted me to skip the company golf tournament yesterday to work. They offered to pay my fees. I laughed at them. Plus Iím now at a convention 100 miles away. Unfortunately, I am going in for a bit Sunday. Thatís going to go over like a turd in a pool at home Ė but it is what it is.

Karma Ė yes, itís amazing the stuff that weíre finding tucked away in the oddest places. But weíre suffering the weird losses too. The remote control for his fireplace? The battery cover for his TV remote? Any detachable power cord? Any thing battery powered is guaranteed to have the batteries removed. Except flashlights. Paperwork from some of his investments that I havenít been able to track down to get the address changed (that I have to pay taxes on Ė oi!)

Iíve noticed with Bob that it isnít just memory giving him problems. He seems to have some serious issues with spatial relationships. For instance Ė he canít line up a place setting at a table. The silverware is oddly positioned and at weird angles, glasses are helter skelter, plates arenít even centered on place mats (that were already in position). Drawing the face of a clock is impossible for him. So it appears that soe of his prior mini-strokes are wreaking their own havoc on top of the base dementia. Plus the black outs, (a contrived excuse, I think), the anger management, the paranoia Ė yes, he needs assisted living.

Well, itís getting late enough that I ought to hop in the shower and get the day rolling. Probably update again after the weekend. I may even report on the results of my 50 million mile check up thatís coming all too soon (like Monday!!) And you know what hitting 50 means!! I so excite!! (not) I really donít know why they need to do the colonoscopy and all. Just ask my wife, sheíll tell you Iím a perfect asshole! (Well, not really, but that fruit, it was just hanging there nice and low . . . )

Later folks. Enjoy your weekends!!

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