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Just a Little Closure
2008-10-10, 8:48 p.m.

Day 1509

Cindy took the Bob in for an Enteroscopy this morning. This was a scheduled event, a result of the little camera capsule thingy that was able to narrow down the field of search for the mysterious intestinal bleeding Bob had going on. The good news is that the doctor was able to definitively identify the source(s) of the bleeding and make corrections on the spot. He called them AVMís Ė basically small blood vessels in the wall of the intestines (in Bobís case in the small bowel) that burst open and bleed. The doctor was able to cauterize all the little bleeders he found. Thereís to be a follow up in 3 months. Hereís to hoping that this is the end of this little saga.

Because thereís more. Isnít there always? Between CMSS and Bob, Cindy fielded 5 phone calls yesterday having to do with The Bobís latest antics. Iím not sure which came first, but two or three of the calls were from Bob. His complaints were that he had no phone, was having financial difficulty, and he wanted to leave (again). The other two or three calls were from the staff of CMSS. Apparently Bob had unplugged and hidden his phone and he also had a little Ďoff the reservationí excursion yesterday. Seems he wandered off down a fairly major road (an artery between the inner burbs and the nearby outlying village where CMSS is) and was hanging around shooting the breeze with some local residents Ė about a mile down the road. The locals recognized what was going on and called CMSS so they could send out the posse to round up their stray. No harm, no foul, but they did put The Bob in the lock down unit for the remainder of the day. That may become permanent. I just donít know how you can convince a guy with Alzheimerís that he just canít go for a stroll whenever he pleases. Even if you get him to say, ďOk, sure, I understand that Ė no off the property walksĒ, you need to convince him of it again and again every 15 minutes. Iím thinking the Ďsecured unití (sounds so much nicer than Ďlock downí) is going to be his new home.

In bowling news Ė there is none. Well, no good news. Bowled 25 pins under my average for the night. Not horrible, but less than satisfying. Had two spares wiped off the score sheet too. Was having trouble with the 10 pin Ė that guy waaaaaayy over in the far right corner. Iíd throw a decent first ball and leave just that 10 pin standing. It happens. So I line up for the spare, send my ball flying down the lane, only to watch it hit the gutter about 3 or 4 feet before the pin. For normal humans, thatís where the story ends. For me? Thatís where it gets interesting. You see, my ball just doesnít like the gutter. Instead of staying there and giving up, it actually bounced out and hit the pin, way up above the neck. Clobbered it. On two separate occasions! By rule, since the ball hit the gutter, itís dead and any pins it hits afterwards donít count. Personally, I think if you can hit a pin up above the neck, you should get credit for a strike in that frame. Outside of those two misses, all my other misses were on wide open splits. 6 of them. Thatís a lot. Most I deserved Ė let the ball get a little too high, or send it a little wide and it doesnít quite make it back, weird things can happen. One or two were really nice shots, the pins just reacted funny and left me odd splits. Of course, just to keep things even I was rewarded with some strikes on a few truly horrible shots. Itís a case of shut up and take it.

Tried doing an entry by email yesterday, only to find it didnít post. Must have had something funky in the formatting. I may try again, but think Iíll do it from the privacy of my living room. Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday I get a little over one hour to surf to my hearts content while Cindy is out at AA. I gotta whole lotta blogs & journals to check out in a short amount of time. (Really need to remember to bring my bookmarks along more often too.)

Oh! Been perusing some of my stats. Who is visiting from Spain? Drop me a line some time, ok? I certainly donít mind you visiting, but itís be nice to Ďmeetí you. Itís not Sergio Garcia or Seve Ballesteros, right? Nadal? Nah Ė too busy with tennis.

Another oh! Hi Bonnie! I owe you an email. Seriously. Iíve just been a little wrapped up in life lately.

In other news, weíve signed on to have a contractor do our back porch. Or is it a screened/roofed deck? Either way, by Thanksgiving we will have a 16x24 platform, roofed, screened on 3 sides, attached to the house, directly off the kitchen. If the weather allows, parts of it may get primed this year. Otherwise, guess what next springs first project will be? Right Ė the stream & waterfalls. As soon as itís over what, 50 or 60 degrees regularly I can think about painting.

Know what I just learned? The dangers of working in public institution. Just for grins, I typed my surname into the g00gle seach bar, then looked for images. Now, it doesnít help that my surname is also a (slightly uncommon) girls given name. But I can not believe who showed up in the #13 image slot. (For those of you that know my last name, go ahead and try it. For those of you who donít know, ask me. Iíll tell if you can promise to keep a secret). Entering my own name in quotes, I donít show up until #9, and thatís in some race results from 2007 (23:45 for a 5k). Thatís just in web search. Only 2 pics show up, and trust me, I am not in either of those.

Considering a hosting move too. Weíre rather limited here on storage space. Even for a Gold member, the amount of memory allowed for photo storage is rather small. There are other options for journal/blog space that allow for much more storage, some of them are even free!! Iíd have to start archiving this place and maybe start anew in some new digs. Maybe even someplace that I could access from within the confines of Big Brothers embrace. Currently D-land and Blogger are off limits. I can see some blogger sites, but commenting is verboten. D-land? Invisible to me. The only one that is able to get in under the radar (so far) is that WP place. Iím thinking about exploring some options there. Need a catchy site name first. Iím open to suggestions. Familiar with the term brain dump? I was thinking of Brian Dump. Eh. I dunno.

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