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2008-11-06, 9:24 p.m.

Day 1537

Obama. Way to go. I think the Republicans attitude did them in. Plus the fact that things are going particularly crappy right now and folks want change. Out with the old and in with the new. The next 4 years are going to be interesting – I hope in a good way.

The Bob has had himself a rough week. Two trips to the ER under “mental hygiene“ care. Monday he was frustrated and banging on walls, the staff thought he hurt his arm. Off to the hospital. Took him back to Club Med for the Septuagenarians after the hospital said “we can’t admit him to the psych ward”. He spent a restless Tuesday there, then erupted again Wednesday. Back to the hospital again. I called his doc and told him “We need to change his meds. We CAN NOT be getting called to the hospital every other day. Either get rhino tranquilizers in something like an epi pen, or change his base meds, because seroquel isn’t cutting it.

They at least admitted him last night, kept him for evaluation. This morning he was getting cranky again so they whacked him with ativan or something. I think that was the rhino tranquilizer. He was so out of it Cindy literally had to feed him. That is NOT what we’re after. We’re working with a dementia specialist too, tryig to find a mix of meds that keep The Bob from having these anxiety/rage episodes, but not knock him on his ass like today’s blast did. Hope we get to a solution quick.

Bowling tonight. I had 9, as in NINE, splits. Kee-ryst. ON the good side – that was all the opens I had. Single pins, or pins in nice neat groups I was sparing. But 9 splits – in only 30 frames! My bowling karmic balance is gong to return someday and it’s gonna be great. I’d really like to be there for it.

Made progress on the family intervention thingy. Got Eric in to see Annette, along with Zach & I. Good, productive session. We have a nice framework around which we can start fleshing out a plan. It also looks like we’re all on the same page. Thing is (and this just occurred to me), that no matter what happens, should Cindy decide to not get sober and we split for good – I can be over & done with her. Won’t be easy, but it’s possible. For the boys – she’ll always be their mother and they’ll likely always care. They may try to limit their contact/exposure, but the genetics of their relationship is inalterable. Me? I just have 30 some years invested. It’d suck having to split, but I think I’d revel in an alcoholic free existence. And I will fight to keep the house. There’s too much of me in this thing to just leave it behind. I’m also getting too old to think about doing it all over again. Besides, the pond isn’t done yet.

Got an email from the bank that used to have one of The Bob’s accounts. The one I just divested in anticipation of a future estate settlement. Seems some interest had accrued and has been left behind. The bank rep wants to know how to handle it. Think I’ll just have her send me a check – in my name. It’s only a little over $600, but I can think of some neat things to do with it. Only problem is I mentioned it to Cindy last night. Hope she was drunk enough to forget I said anything. I’ll get the check cut & sent, hold it for a bit and wait & see. Early Christmas might be coming for me and a few friends.

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