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Readers & NooYoSnoBlo
2008-11-18, 10:18 p.m.

Day 1549

Donít know if I recorded that I got my deer back from the processors last night, 2.5 - 3 hours after I dropped it off. Incredible. Especially considering it takes me 8 hours to do half as much. Of course, he has all the right tools, Iím kinda making do with what Iíve got. So. 42lbs of venison in the freezer and a rack to mount. For hanging in the garage. Hmmmm Ė wonder if the deck/porch walls could tolerate a little rustic decoration?

Speaking of the deck Ė those guys are at it again today. Tom had to sweep about an inch of snow off the deck floor before they could start. Supposed to be right around freezing all day today with bands of snow drifting in off the lake. Glad I have an inside job.

Guess this also includes todayís NooYoSnoBlo posting. About an inch last night, supposed to get 2 Ė 4 inches today and another little bit overnight. Welcome to winter in upstate NY. No doubt weíll end up with 100 inches by winters end. Weíve been hearing rumors that Jillís home town, 70 miles southwest of us may have gotten up to 2 feet of snow between yesterday & last night. They catch the bands coming off the end of Lake Erie. If the wind persists out of the north west, they can really get buried. Us? Not as bad as them. We need to have the winds either more westerly or more northerly to really get pummeled. Otherwise we just get glancing blows that only leave a foot or so in their wake.

Readers. People that read here. Many I know in an internet sense. Comments, email, reading each others blogs/journals. Many I donít know at all. For instance, thereís one from Rochester that I canít place. Did a boat load of reading last week. Outside of knowing it isnít coming from my house, I donít know who it might be. Maybe. Thereís also a persistent reader from Spain. Thereís also been a persistent reader from the Raleigh NC neighborhood recently. Drop a line Ė say hi. I donít bite unless you ask nice. But then, thatís just playing around, right? I think most of the Texas readers I know (Hi yíall!) and thereís other states represented that I think I also know the reader. Or weíve at least exchanged pleasantries. And/or recipes.

I wish AOL could (would?) show the users locale instead of defaulting to Reston. Make all the AOL readers look the same. Frustrating.

Oh. In case you were wondering what Iím rambling on about. Site traffic. I use a stat counter to let me see what ip addresses are tiptoeing about. Most you can kinda sorta figure out. Some (Spain, Rochester, AOL Ė Iím looking at you) are a little tougher.

Aaaanyhow. Looks like the deck dudes might have the walls up today. If they donít freeze first. That remains to be seen. Ericís home today, he might take pity on them and let them in to thaw out a bit. Thereís also a Timmy Hoís (Tim Hortonís) right around the corner. Theyíll appreciate the business too.

Ok Ė itís later now. Later like after my Al Anon meeting. There, I found out that I have until Friday to get The Bob enrolled in his new healthcare insurance plan. His (and my) former employer will no longer be paying his health care premiums as part of his pension. If he wants to maintain the same level of insurance (he does, I say so) HE MUST ACTIVELY ENROLL. Only problem? All the paperwork got mailed to his swinging bachelor pad 3 months ago. Updates were to be sent by the end of last month. Except heís moved and SOMEONE I know never filed a forwarding address. (Dumb ass Ė I know!!)

My Al Anon buds are getting me the necessary phone numbers. Now I get to spend tomorrow playing dumb, trying to get my father in law insured again. Iím sure the service reps in Calcutta or Bangalore or New Delhi will take pity on me Ė being power of attorney for a dementia patient. Wonder if they actually understand the ideas of power of attorney and dementia?

Snowed more tonight too. Grass has almost disappeared. To damn bad I still have a back yard full of leaves. Have no idea what will become of that. Gotta get them hauled someplace Ė to the curb for the town vacuum or up in the woods for some natural decomp. Maybe next week. Too much to do this week already.

Last post was long, gotta keep this one short to keep in balance. You strangers out there, drop a line in the comments, eh? Only once, just to say hi. More if you like it.

Gotta run. Pedaling with Patty in the morning. Only 7 hours left to sleep and my ass is already dragging. Later peeps.

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