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Progress and a Stalemate
2008-11-27, 7:51 a.m.

Day 1557

More snow yesterday. Not a lot stuck as it was pretty warm, but snow it did.

Looks like the email update attempt I made didn't work either. That last entry I was finally forced to post manually about 3 minutes ago.

In spite of the snow we've had around here lately, the deck dudes made a lot of progress. The roof appears to be nearly done. Both layers of sheathing are in and it looks like 80% of the shingles are in place. Now with snow sitting on top of them. The soffits (eaves?) also appear to be in place, except for the fascia boards. Trivial little things those are.

When just the deck was in place, it looked big. Bigger than you picture it in your head. Well, mine anyhow, Now that the roof is in, it still looks big, but the roof being there makes the far wall look like it’s even farther away. This weekend I’ll be able to get a picture or two that will show how things are so far. Damn – it’s gonna be big.

That was the progress part. The stalemate part? The usual area. There is a deepening rift between Cindy & Zach. Zach is rather pissed about Cindy’s mercurial direction changes. Poor guy is trying to make plans for Thanksgiving day, getting furniture delivered (from 2 weeks ago) and in general trying to deal with his mom.

The furniture deal was less than fun. Originally to be delivered on the 8th. No problem. Then she switched it to the 15th, when Zach was planning to be down at Jills parents place (she knew), plus it was opening day of deer season (she knew) – then she had the misfortune (or gall) to volunteer to chaperone an away soccer game, on the day she switched the furniture delivery to, thereby screwing up any hunting plans I had. The fact that the second bus was cancelled and she wasn’t to chaperone after all was just icing on the cake.

The week prior to that, (or maybe sooner) Zach & Jill floated the idea of us going down to Jill’s parents for T-day. A bunch of the guys would go out hunting (Z & I included) and everyone else would hang at the house, watch the Macy’s parade and just do what ever. Initially, Cindy was all for it. Said it sounded like a good idea. Zach ran with it. Then things changed. About a week ago, Cindy declared we (apparently Eric & I were included in ‘we’) would be staying home for Thanksgiving and we’d be having The Bob over as well. No trip to Jill’s hometown.

Now Zach is royally pissed at Cindy. Cindy is upset because Zach & Jill run everything through me and don’t talk directly to her about anything. This is also a source of Cindy’s whole ‘conspiracy theory’. Z is planning on talking to Cindy a little bit tonight (Wednesday), but not getting into the whole intervention routine, yet. Behind the scenes, we conspirators are scrambling to finish our evil plot before the whole damn thing goes kaflooey.

Man, I gotta scoot outta work early today. Need to get drywall screws & nails, a new injector for shooting up turkeys and I need t get my bowling ball from my home lanes so I’ll have it for tomorrow morning’s tournament with my brudder and his twins. I’ve never bowled int eh morning all cranked up on caffeine. Seeing as I throw the ball pretty hard as it is, a little extra juice will be interesting. Hope I don’t break anything. (On the lane or the pins – not on me.)

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