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More Room Update
2008-12-16, 10:22 p.m.

Day 1577 More Room Update

Wait till you see pictures of the completely painted room with no furniture in it. All I can say is that right now, itís like being stuck inside a sweet potato pie. Granted, the couch, a hutch, the floors, some drapes, wall hangings Ė all that will help. But when standing in that room, I canít shake the impression that Iíve been swallowed by the Great Pumpkin (with a nod to the late Mr. Charles Schulz & Linus).

If you donít get that last reference, what kind of childhood did you have? No Peanuts cartoons? Horrible.

Back to the room. To make matters worse (Q Ė I almost spelled that wores! What the hell am I thinking?) I think itís going to need a third coat. Matter of fact, I KNOW itís going to need a third coat. I was giving it a once over this morning, looking at it under the light of a lamp we like to call ďThe SunĒ, and I can see some thin spots. Iím bummed. The kids put in some nice work on the painting. To have the paint not cover well is a disappointment. Eric had the day off from his paying gig, so he did a first coat in the room formerly known as the family room. It was a typical first coat Ė splotchy, possibly overworked by a less than experienced painter. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to have it done. On a first coat, any job is a good job.

Zach & Jill came over, we fed Ďem dinner and the four of us (Z, J, Eric & I) got to work again. Zach did the laundry room first coat, Jill ran the lights and kept the paint trays filled. Eric did some of the cutting in while trying to keep an eye on the Detroit hockey game (the boy is a serious fanatic). I got to start on moldings. Got the moldings to the point where I needed some opinions on styles, so I switched to cutting in the second coat in the family room. Weíre going to need to re-do the ceiling edges. Got a few Ďexcursionsí up there.

Cindy is chaperoning tonight so I was hoping to stay at work till near my meeting time, grab a salad someplace and head to my group. Man, do I need a dose of that!

Hrrmm Ė picked up some moldings thingies to dress up a doorway. Also obviates the need for metal corners that need plastering. The sets I got are for an 80 inch tall by 36 inch wide doorway. Except I donít have a door, itís just an opening thatís 35 inches wide (I can cut off an inch) and 82.5 inches tall. Hence the hrrmm. I could cheat and stretch the plinth, but if it werenít perfect, it would show. Doubt it would be perfect. Guess I get to take them back and get the separate pieces and roll my own. Dammit.

Thatís putting a crimp in getting the floor in by Sunday. Still have a third (!!!) cat of paint to do, plus all the window & door trim and thereís all the base molding too. At least the base molding is after the flooring. Eh Ė might make it.

Off to bed with me. Spinning comes early tomorrow. Pedaling with Patty Ė donít miss it. Unless thereís more than 3 inches of snow, then itís hauling with Hall. Everybody will know come morning.

Less than 2 days till 50. Ugh.

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