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2008-12-24, 10:59 p.m.

Day 1585

Funny you should mention G@nder Mountain Joe. That was the place that originally cancelled the on-line order. Seems that the manufacturer of the camo’s had a problem and couldn’t deliver the quantity GM ordered. Not GM’s fault at all, they communicated what they could, we just didn’t read the full email – only the subject line, and assumed if was a confirmation.

Anyhow – I checked D1ck’s and GM locally. Things were pretty well picked over. Found a really nice parka, Real Tree AP on one side, reversible to blaze break-up on the other (that’s the blaze orange but with a black/brown camo print too). Might have bought it, but there were no matching bibs that would fit. It was either a youth size or XXLarge.

But!! Looks like C@bela’s is going to come through. After I posted Monday night, I went on-line and ordered a set from them and coughed up the extra for express overnight shipping. Applied for their club visa card and got $20 off the order, so it took some of the sting out of the shipping charges.

Tuesday I got an email from them that had an expected arrival date of 12/26. So I emailed them back. Very politely pointed out that my order submission was within the limits of their “express overnight shipping” description and that meant I should be seeing a package on 12/24. If it didn’t arrive until 12/26, then I should be refunded the difference between express overnight and 3 day ground shipping costs. Amazingly enough, in about an hour I got a very polite email back that agreed with my suggestion. No package by the 24th, refund of shipping charge difference. So I emailed them back, thanking them for their quick response and reasonable offer.

This morning I got another email from them. Package shipped Tuesday night. As of 6:55 am it was at the Buffalo airport (actually in Depew, NY – about 55 miles away) with an expected delivery of 12/24. There’s still a chance I won’t have to wrap a picture of camo’s in a huge box with a note that says “Maybe tomorrow”.

Edited to add a little update – left Buffalo @ 8:50am. It’s an hour or so drive to the UPS facility (right off of I-90 even), so things are looking good.

My other dilemma (well, ok, one of my other dilemma’s) is how to handle this little camcorder thingy. Cindy’s been grousing about us never having a video recorder, so I got us one. It’s a cute little handicam that instead of discs or tape or memory sticks, records directly to a 60Gb hard drive and has both USB and HDMI or component video outputs. I’m wondering if I ought to crack it open and get the battery charged up, then have it ready to go Christmas morning? Maybe even set it up on a tripod in the corner, recording, so we can preserve everyone’s reaction for all eternity (or until video formats change)? I’m liking that idea and I think I might get it set up in Eric’s room for charging. Cindy never goes in there (smells kinda like a locker room frankly) so the surprise ought to be safe.

In other news, things appear to be stocked up for the holidays. Cindy’s laid in a new, nearly full bottle of her favorite whiskey, there’s still a wee bit of vodka left, and I haven’t touched that case of L@batts micro-brew style beers she bought because she needed a single bottle of porter. Porter – yum! Made a nice chili too, but personally, I think using a beer in chili is a waste. Just add hot sauce, save the beer for drinking.

Oh damn. Busted a circuit board. While trying to fix it. Oh the irony. No going home till it’s fixed. The poor QA schmucks are running next week and need this assembly. I gotta go fix what I broke . . .

Ok. Home now. Easy fix. Surface mount pin came off the board – fractured a solder joint but left the board intact. Soldered on a new pin and everything was good as new. Had to hang aroung and watch the assembly get re-assembled and make sure it worked, but the worst was over quickly.

Last update on the camp’s – they are now wrapped and chillin under the tree. Owe thanks to both Cabelas and UPS for hanging tough and pressing right to the last few hours.

Time to go prepare for Christmas. Uhh – that means time for a long winters nap.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or for those that choose not to celebrate - I hope you have a peaceful day too. Save me some cookies, mmkay?

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