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How to End a Week
2009-01-11, 10:59 p.m.

Day 1602?

Friday – Spent the morning waiting for the rep from the furniture store show up so he could say “Yup, your table is built wrong. Someone will contact you about replacing it.” Gee thanks. Couldn’t you have at least brought one with you?

At least I managed to get the fireplace tile grouted while I was waiting for him. It looks much better all grouted. No, I’m not showing you a picture, yet. It still needs to be rinsed off another 3 or 4 times, it’s still looking rather cloudy. Plus, there’s still no mantel. No actual ‘fire’ in it yet either. Still waiting for the installation. Hope it gets put in before summer.

Friday evening was spent at Lefty’s, getting in some quality family time. For the first time ever, I got to play some Wii. Truth be told, I suck at tennis, did so-so in trivia and absolutely rule in bowling. Ironically enough, the way you have to throw the ball in Wii to make it curve in Wii is absolutely wrong for real bowling. That whole rolling over of the wrist motion required is dead wrong. To make a REAL bowling ball curve, the hand/wrist motion needs to be straight up and through the ball. The weighting of the ball makes it curve, we humans just have to try and not screw it up.

Anyhow. Our neighbor, my 2nd surrogate mom (figuratively speaking), hasn’t been doing well. She’s had a couple bouts of a neck cancer. Surgery and radiation twice. Never really being declared cancer free, she revealed to us this past summer it’s in her lungs now.

Last week her son stopped by to visit. When he was done there, he stopped by our place. Asked us to keep an eye on her, said she was pail, weak, not breathing well. Long story short, Saturday morning Cindy talked her into going to the hospital to get checked out. She was in kidney failure due to a combination dehydration and the side effects of a shot she was given to try and boost her red blood cell count. Her son tried to get her to go last week but she wouldn’t consider it. Cindy got in some quality girl time and convinced her it was the right thing to do. We both think she was afraid she’d never come home if she left. Now, it looks like she’ll be home in a few days, once they get her kidney’s up & running again. Close call.

Trying to remember what I did Saturday. Spent a little time at the hospital with mom III. Afternoon & evening Zach & I put in the new “Fabric Care Ensemble”. Fancy way to say “huge cabinet to house the washer & dryer” Solves a storage problem. But I can’t remember what I did Saturday morning. Except call 911 for the ambulance. Oh yeah! Finally (re)grouted the tile behind the stove. Fixed the microwave too. Seems the handle cracked.

I know what I did today. Early – cleared the driveway. Seems that storm that was supposed to stay south of us still managed to drop 6 or so inches of snow on us. Then the big clean out started.

That’s my diet until tomorrow morning or so. Think I missed the apple juice and jello. Here we are at Sunday evening and I’ve had 2 cups of coffee (no creamers), 4 dulcolax (a dose is two), a quart of Gatorade mixed with 14 (fourteen!!!) doses of that miralax stuff (yeah, the whole bottle). It’s a powder, smells like Elmer’s glue. Trust me, it doesn’t stick to anything. Also went through 2 quarts of apple juice, 2 other quarts of Gatorade, a box of lime jello and a box of lemon jello.

The whole cleansing process hasn’t been as bad as I feared. There’s a bit of a bloated feeling, some rumbling & grumbling, and trips to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so. No cramps. It did make it rather difficult to pay attention to the football games, but I did get to read a Nat Geo one page at a time. Now, things seem to have settled down. I hope. Kinda hesitating on going to bed till I feel like I can just stay there without having to make another trip to the john. Oops. Not yet. Think I’ll wrap it up for now and finish this off tomorrow when I’m all groggy from anesthesia. Whee!!

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