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News worthy?
2009-01-14, 8:11 p.m.

Day 1606

Here's a news article on a local event:

In the article, Greece is the name of a town immediately northwest of the City of Rochester. Now what the article doesn’t mention is that the Elite Body Spa (a whopping 2.5 miles from where I work!!) has a reputation as a “rub n tug” spa, specializing in “happy endings”. (If you need clarification about what I’m saying, contact me privately and I can fill you in.)

So. We have an off duty officer, waiting to pick up his girlfriend from work. He breaks up a robbery, killing one of the suspects in the process. That in itself is a tragedy, but the dude had options. He chose poorly. What I’m really wondering is how long will it be before this police officer is questioned as to his girlfriend’s job function at this “spa”? Is she a rubber or a tugger? How long has he known and been associated with this kind of illicit and illegal activity by his girlfriend, hmmm? He may be on ‘administrative duty’ a little longer than he anticipated.

I’ll try to keep track of this story, because I’m curious as to what happens to this cop. Sure, it’s one of those victimless crimes (unless you’re the spouse of one of the clients), but it IS a crime. If you sift through the comments, readers have PLENTY to say about this. Methinks the cop is screwed, but not because he killed the thief. More because of what he knew was going on but still ignored.

Woe of the day? I’m settled in at work. Been here a whole 30 minutes. Cindy calls. Car is dead. Started, made it ½ mile down the road and died in an intersection. I called for a tow truck, made arrangements to get it hauled to the local garage. Left work to go pick her up. It’s about 4 degrees outside, she has no heat.

Without killing anybody, I get to where Cindy is, follow the truck to the garage, talk to the mechanic about arrangements, etc. and head to Cindy’s work. Drop her off, go through the village, get coffee & gas. Head back to work myself. About 12 miles into the 13.5 mile trip back, my van over heats and is spouting steam like a geyser. I limp it to work. Sure enough, when I get to work it stops steaming. Musta run out of radiator fluid. Suh-weet.

Just got a call from Cindy. Engine is DOA. Need a new one. Damages? $1800ish and 12 hours of work. I think the labor was included in the quote, he only mentioned it so that we’re aware it won’t be ready tonight.

Now I have to try and patch the van together well enough that it will get us through the next day or two while Cindy’s car gets repaired and we decide whether or not to trade in my 8 year old gas hog of a van. I’m thinking she thinks she’s going to drive the newer vehicle and leave me with her ashtray, I mean Saturn. We’ll see. It stinks, the back seat is nothing but ashes, and the seat is a long ways down for someone my height (yeah – a freakish 6 feet. Whoa.)

I’d just as soon try for a fleet discount and get 2 relatively newer vehicles. Something nice to travel in (Impala) and a little scooter for around town (Malibu, Cobalt). There’s an urge to get another minivan or SUV for hauling a trailer (camper or utility), but let’s be honest here. Our big projects are done. We could put a hitch on an Impala and tow either type of trailer. A camper maybe not quite so far or fast, but still – we don’t even have one. Yet.

Shit. I just love spending money. Can’t you tell? Hope I can get that radiator leak fixed. I’m really hoping it’s just a hose someplace. I DO NOT want to be screwing around with water, in the garage, on the floor, when it’s 0 damn degrees out.

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