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So Much for Thinking
2009-01-28, 6:00 p.m.

Day 1620 So Much for Thinking

First, here’s a shot Zach sent me. Supposed to have been taken by the uncle of a guy he works with. The location is in Farnham, NY, in SW Erie County, SW of Buffalo. Give r take a bit, it’s about 60 miles from here . . .

How we can tell Spring is getting close –

We can see the deer wandering around in the back yard . . .

So most of what I was thinking yesterday turned out to be wrong.

Not going to Al Anon? Wrong. I went.

Too much snow last night? Wrong. It waited till the wee hours to start.

Patty not at spin class? Wrong. She was there, laughing about sending Mike the link to the local weather forecast. They have an agreement – if the weather sucks enough Mike gets the class. Guess it didn’t suck that bad. Yet.

Brothers dryer being fooked? Wrong again. Found a thermal fuse that decided to give up the ghost. When we bypassed it, we learned what the smell of victory was. For those that don’t know, it’s the smell of the igniter burning a hole in your laundry room rug. Oops. At least it’s in the basement where nobody really cares.

I hope I’m done being wrong for a while. Although it worked out pretty good for my brother. He gets to by a $20 - $30 part rather than an entire dryer. Sorry ‘bout that rug though. I thought the igniter was a sparker, not a freakin glow plug.

I guess this storm is really messing things up south & west of here. Like Arkansas. Three inches of ice in some areas? They’re hoping to be out of power for days rather than weeks? Dude – we got an inch of ice one time and we had places out of power for up to a month. Most folks went a week, but the remote areas? Yeah. They got to play ‘camping’ the whole month of March. At least they didn’t need ice for their coolers. That was a weird storm too. Buffalo got snow, Syracuse got rain, Rochester got freezing rain. All night long. Looked rather spectacular in the morning. The absolute funniest part of it all? Zach was all of 6. At 7 in the morning, I could hear him outside our bedroom door, flicking the light switch, trying to get the hall light to come on. After 5 or 6 attempts, he cracks our door open and says “ Da-aa-ad, I broke the lights!” That’s when it occurred to us that our alarms hadn’t gone off and the magnitude of what had happened really hit us. We’re used to dealing with lots of snow, but that ice & freezing rain? Owie. I feel for everyone having to deal with that. Hope you all manage to stay safe & warm.

Bit the bullet last night, well last weekend really, and in our heads have accepted the fact that The Bob isn’t going back to the Club Med for the Septuagenarian Set. He’s slid so far since Thanksgiving even that I wonder if he hasn’t had more mini strokes. I wonder how much longer he really has.

Anyhow. Saturday we’ll be pulling his stuff out of CMSS. Eric will score a relatively new mattress, I think I’ll end up with a sweet camera (Nikon D50), and we’ll also get another collection of my MIL’s paintings. Like we need more. Hopefully the kids will take some as they branch out. Zach’s got a few in his apartment now, Eric has one or two in his room, but they both could use more in a year or so right? Zach will get a house, Eric will move out and they’ll have more wall space to cover. Have we got a deal for them!! For the record – my MIL’s paintings are very, very nice still life’s & landscapes, some of pictures I’ve taken. Hmm. I should take pictures of them and auction them off on Ebay. I could send the proceeds to the American Cancer Society or something.

Oh. 2 other things I was wrong about. Well, ok, 3.

First? I thought Zach would grouse a bit about getting up early Saturday and helping empty out The Bobs swinging bachelor pad. Wrong. As long as I’m buying the (non-Starsucks) coffee.

Second? Hmmm. Forgot. I’ll think of it.

Third? I thought Cindy had been managing her non-drinking pretty well. Wrong. In a weak moment I snuck a peek in the ‘hidden’ liquor cabinet. Things are not the same as they were a couple of weeks ago, and I’m not responsible for the differences. I know I mentioned this yesterday, but next time ‘someone’ tells me I think I’m perfect, I want a neatly itemized list of just how not perfect I am. Should have brought it up at the meeting last night too – it being a bit of a slip on my part, but we had enough other stuff to discuss it wasn’t necessary to share that little mishap. But I think I’ll look again tonight. I’m just curious why Cindy was in bed when I got home at 9:20 last night. Didn’t want me to get a whiff of her breath, hmmm? I shouldn’t go borrowing trouble. I should just let it lie. Must ask – “How important is it?” No boundaries were crossed. Maybe I’ll hang onto that thought. Hmmm.

I’m spewing this drivel while sitting at my desk during lunch. My “Extra Strength Spray”, “Non-Drowsy”, phenylephrine Hcl 1% solution fro Bayer has worn off. Again. I can feel my head inflating, getting heavier. Drowsy even. Better take a few snorts, chug some coffee and get back to the grind. I’ll post this when I get home tonight – promise.

(Q – just for you, I actually typed that last sentence I’ll post this when I get hoe tonight. So if you see this . . .!!!)

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