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Bizarre Weather Day
2008-02-01, 3:47 p.m.

Day 1259

Bowling was weird last night. Very, very tight shot. Speed was as important as line. Some combinations of error werent too bad, others were disastrous. For the night, out of our 30 frames of bowling, I had 6 open frames all of them splits. For those that are familiar with the pin numbering convention, I almost spared the 8 10 split twice. The first time, I nailed the 10 pin dead on and got it to bounce out of the pit. It went flying across the lane, just behind the 8 pin, eventually (like 0.1 seconds) settling in the left gutter up near the gate. The second time, I again nailed the 10 pin and got it to bounce out. This time it sailed out to the right of the 8 pin, barely missing it. No spares, but nice teases. For the record, that nasty 7-10 split? The one with the pins as far apart as they can get? Spared it. Once, out of at LEAST 100 tries. Did the bouncy pin trick. Its pretty cool to watch.

Pin acrobatics aside, (I happen to be very good at getting pins to come flying back out of the pit. Velocity is my friend.) (I really should video a shot or two of mine and contrast it with my brother Kens shot. He throws more of a normal speed. You tube, here I come . . .) I felt pretty good about limiting my opens to splits. I just wish there werent so many of them. But even with the 6 opens, I think I was the only guy on our team to beat their average last night. Consequently, we only took 2 of the 8 available points. The league standings from 2nd to 8th places just got a whole lot more condensed. 1st place? Those dudes are cruising. Doubt anyone will catch them. Its still a family thang tho my cousin Mikey bowls on that team. (In all, there are 5 guys with my surname bowling in that league. Next closest families have only 3)

Like I mentioned yesterday, cabinets are ordered. We have a whopping 4 weeks to wait (right, like Ill be waiting . . .) for delivery. There is so much to do before then. Tomorrow well go check out some counter top places. Cindy has an itching for granite. Im hoping the prices will scare her away. Granite is hard to beat for looks & durability, but I can think of so many other places to use that money (roof, driveway, Alaskan cruise . . .)

Weather here has been varying degrees of crappy all day. Had to skip spin class this morning because it took me too long to scrape the dang ice off the van. Yes Im parking outside again because my half of the garage is kinda sorta full of dining room wall debris. So scraping, scraping, scraping. This morning was that lovely freezing rain. You know the stuff that comes down as a liquid, splats on something then immediately freezes to it. Nice stuff. Later in the day, the radar said freezing rain was coming down all around us, but the city of Rottenchester and most of our county was getting snow.

So said the radar:

Or the slightly zoomed in version:

A glance out the window proved otherwise. More freezing rain, sleet and other nasty forms of liquid or semi-liquid precipitation.

Im gonna hate leaving work today. I can only imaging its going to entail another round of scraping every glass surface on the van. Then I have to drive over to the Bobs and refill his weekly medicine bucket. If youre looking at the zoomed in map, I work about midway between the R of Rochester and the G of Greece (yes, we have a town named Greece here.) The Bob live in a lovely place thats a smidge under the h of Rochester. By expressway, its about 10 miles. In the sleet & shit. Then, I get to drive back across the city and finally settle in at home, which is someplace between the B of Brighton and the r of Gates Center. Thats another 10 or so mile drive. Still in the sleet & shit I imagine. Color me thrilled.

Personally, I dont mind driving in the sloppy stuff like that. I only get perturbed by the folks that are overly cautious (20mph? Puhleeze!!) or downright foolish (60mph on ice!?! Puhleeze!!) Unfortunately, one or two of either (or both) can ruin a perfectly miserable ride for the rest of us. Meaning of course that instead of moving along at an infuriatingly moderate pace, were barely crawling along. Because some poor fool is scared shitless on a two lane road and no one can get around them, or were all gawking at the idjit that WAS doing 60 but found his way into a ditch hopefully not taking anyone with him.

Trying to beg out of doing the medicine run tonight. Only need to resupply one new medicine. Its just that the start up of this stuff involves ramping up the dose, and we dont trust The Bob to get it right. He already took todays dose (in theory), so getting it there tomorrow would still be ok. My begging out method consists of making tomorrows trip out to Bobs on the way to a granite counter top place. Might work.

Busy weekend coming up too. Plan on hitting up at least the early spin class, got to make that run to Bobs and check out some countertops. Hopefully well get sticker shocked right out of the granite. I hope, I hope, I hope.

In actual work related stuff, my simulator is running much better today. Its left precious little time for typing up this drivel. Its also allowed me to finally, maybe fix a problem. If so, I will also finally get to move on to some new tasks. Cant wait.

Hope the Super Bowl is at least entertaining and not a Super Bore. Still dont know who Im rooting for. No clear regional allegiances in this one.

Time to go start the weekend.

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