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The more things change . . .
2008-09-14, 10:20 p.m.

Don't know what day - maybe 1480?

Stopping in to jot down a few quick notes.

Thanks for all the kind notes & comments. It's nice to get a little pick-me-up from your on-line buds.

One thing though - Circe? It's true, we have room for The Bob to stay with us. But, if the Bob lived here? I'd be a basket case inside of a year. Twice this weekend I came out of the shower in our bedroom only to find Bob in my room, rooting around in my clothes, wondering why he can't find anything he recognized. He's only spent every summer for 15 years here in the same room. There's times I wander from MY bathroom to MY bedroom wearing nothing more than a smile. I'd hate for Bob to get the wrong idea.

To that end, we found a place for The Bob. Pending completing paperwork (me) and getting a form from the doctor and an x-ray due to an old positive TB test (I get to be the taxi) we can get him moved in Monday, hopefully by the afternoon.

New place is nice. Effin ought to be. It's basically a hotel room, complete with full bath. Facility provides all meals, laundry service, administers medicine & manages prescriptions, can shuttle to appointments if necessary. The best parts are that they kind of insist on Bob seeing a behavioral specialist and they also actively engage the residents in activities. Where Bob is now, they don't do that. They have activities, but it's up to the individual to get themselves down to the activity area. That's pretty hard for a person with Alzheimer's.

We've been very consistent with pitching this move as being required by "your doctor". "Your Doctor" feels that you need a place that offers a little more daily assistance. Friday, after looking at the first place, Bob was obviously a little tweaked. He was still in that whole "I didn't do anything wrong" mode. By Saturday, after looking at the second place, he was actually looking forward to the move.

Wonder if is attitude had anything to do with the fact that the 'tour guide' at the first place was male, and the person we toured with at the second place was a cute, younger woman? What ever, I'm glad he's happy.

Pond news - tried getting the stream/falls up & running today. Three whole times we switched the pump over to the stream. Three whole times we found leaks. The good news is that we think we know where this latest leak is and what caused it. Bad news is that I'm out of foam again. Worse news is that there won't be any time available for working on the pond till MAYBE next Sunday. Maybe.

I did bowl Thursday evening. Did ok. Made more good shots, fewer bad shots. It was also a nice respite after Thursday's time at the hospital.

Did I tell the story about the drunk that got admitted to the ER? They basically gave him a couch to sleep it off. After they got him cleaned up. Cleaned up from, well, lets just say he had both ends working. It was every bit as disgusting as you're imagining.

Thought Cindy was handling things ok till this afternoon. Which was weird because today has been the least stressful day we've had since Thursday. But - I guess the call of the booze is just too strong. Zach & Jill were here to see it too. They handle it better than Eric does, but it;s still frustrating for them.

I'm sitting here late Sunday night, typing while I watch the Steelers/Browns game. I can hear what's left of Ike starting to blow through. It was real hot & muggy here today (85 degrees & 65% RH - terrible, no?) and now the breeze and rain feels so cool & fresh. Think I'll wrap this up and go stand outside for a bit and suck up some of the coolness.

Bye peeps. Be good.

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