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More Snow
2008-11-19, 10:33 p.m.

Day 1550 More Snow

I may regret starting this NooYoSnoBlo thing. It being November and all, and this being upstate NY, it of course snowed again yesterday. Not a lot, but enough to really snarl up traffic in areas. The roads haven’t built up much of a layer of salt dust yet, so any snow that falls tends to get packed into ice pretty quickly. Until the salt residue gets established, the first hour or so of any type of snow fall can get treacherous. Of course, everybody has got to get their winter driving skills back up to snuff too. That will happen soon enough and we’ll be back to 55mph on slushy expressways.

Last night, after getting home from my meeting, I saw a rather neat snowfall. Got out of my van, looked up and saw the moon sort of haloed by the falling snow. Couldn’t quite make out any stars, but it was neat to see the moon like that. Either the clouds were really thin, or the snow was drifting over from some thicker clouds and obscuring my view, or it was cold enough that water vapor was just condensing & freezing on the spot and falling out of the sky. Fortunately, I don’t think it was cold enough for that. Yet. Was maybe 24F, (-5C), so it was more likely one of the first two options. Come January & February that spontaneous flake activity will be more likely.

Ya know – I ought to gripe about folks that do drive-by readings more often!! As of the time I’m typing this (11am EST on a Wednesday, shhhhhh, don’t tell my boss!!) two folks have surfaced. That’s really cool. Interactive almost. The “Big Brother” firewall here at the zoo won’t let me into halosc@n to read the full comments, so I’ll have to do that tonight at home, but I can see enough in the email notifications to get the who & where of who responded. I won’t go revealing names or locations here, (I’m up on anonymity, trust me) but it’s great to meet folks from different places. Everybody is welcome to keep visiting and drop in a comment or three from time to time. Especially if you think I’m making any tactical errors in dealing with any of the really fun situations I find myself in from time to time (like every ever-loving day)

Get to go see Annette during lunch today (hence the stealing of productive time from The Man). Last night at my Al Anon meeting I got a request from our secretary. She attends another meeting in a neighboring town that a gal I see at the Thursday meetings I go to in the summer also attends. This other gal remembered that I had mentioned seeing a therapist and that that therapist had an office in the town out where she lived (relatively remote for our area). This other gal also remembered that I do this Tuesday evening meeting and that our secretary is common to all of them. I guess this is the long way of saying that I got to give Annette a referral last night, but the message likely won’t get relayed until Sunday evening.

Wracking my brain trying to come up with a list of topics to discuss with Annette today. (Oh – I need to arrange my lunch purchase so I have the correct change to pay her too . . .) (Hmmm, forgot what the soup was supposed to be in the cafeteria today . . .) I hate to constantly dwell on the fat that Cindy’s drinking is slowly getting worse, although it’s not (yet) as bad as it was in the summer of 2007 and earlier. But I can see things slipping.

Better go grab lunch . . .

Here’s this years public service announcement:

Give a shit about sanitation? Go read this .

We take a lot for granted here in the states. According to that article, 2.6 Billion people live without a toilet. Not a clean toilet in a warm room with running water – just a freakin toilet. Of course, it makes me feel a little better about having to use the non-facilities while out hunting. All that army training came in handy for something!

Smoked leg of lamb Maria? What kind of wood? Lamb has strong flavor, I’d think it could stand up to something pretty stout. Think I have hickory, mesquite & apple to try. Use lots of rosemary too? Looking for something to try for Christmas or New Years – might be willing to give it a go.

Good session with Annette. Need to get the boys moving on their letters. Best way to do that would be to produce my own and tell them the date for out next meeting. Personally, I want to see this ‘meeting’ happen before Christmas.

Finally catching up at work. After chasing this one problem around for 3 weeks, it turns out my part of the board was more useful to isolate the problem rather than being the cause. Quite a relief. Thursday morning we start the testing to see of we done got it fixed. Then there’s the other 4 dozen or so problem reports to answer to. But at least those aren’t submitted by one of our leading imaging scientists. Funny, the leverage she has.

Getting stocked up for our trip to South Bend to see Lefty’s daughter play in the Notre Dame Marching Band. Oh – there’s a football game too – ND vs. Syracuse. Maybe, since Syracuse’s coach has been officially let go after this season, maybe the team will play an inspired game and give ND a run for their money. Otherwise, it might be a good day to be an ND fan.

About noon Friday we’ll be passing through northwest Ohio. I plan on looking to the north and waving like a mad fool and maybe shouting HI! at the top of my lungs. So Alison & Gr8chick – if you feel a disturbance in the force around then, let me apologize in advance. Were I traveling alone, I’d have loved to try and set up a get together. But – we’re traveling with extended family, quite the thundering herd, so getting together just isn’t practical. When I do my bike lap of Lake Erie wI’ll have to schedule a rest day so we can have us a picnic or something.

Getting late, gotta run. Snowed again today, so I’m supposed to post tomorrow. But (you knew this was coming) there’s much to do to prep for the trip. I may have to beg off till Monday. I’ll smuggle my laptop along, but on line time will be at a premium this weekend. Good news? The hotel has a small workout room. With an MP3 player, towel, water bottle and a stationary bike, I ought to be able to get in a good sweat or two.

Thermal underwear. On my shopping list for tomorrow.

A ittle fodder from TMI Tuesday:

1. When did you last use your cellular telephone as a flashlight?

This morning. I use it to make sure I get everything I need off my dresser.

2. On a scale from 1-10, how comfy are you being naked?

In a locker room full of guys? 6- 7. in bed with a significant other? 7 - 8

3. What is the longest you've ever been celibate after having lost your virginity?

The whole time I’ve been married. Oh – seriously? It’s been up to months at a time. Especially in the depths of one of her binges.

4. Have you ever had sex in a car?

Invented it.

If yes, since you were a teenager? Twice this summer!!

5. When did you last use food or drink as medication?

Every time I have a piece of chocolate

Bonus: Name three words that:
a) get you excited – lick my _ _ _ _ _ (“tie me up” works too)
b) make you squirm – you need surgery
c) make you laugh – you available Saturday? (being an engineer, I’m exempt from overtime pay – they think I’ll do it out of some sense of duty. THAT’s funny)

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