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Nice Ride At Least
2005-06-09, 10:05 a.m.

Day 291 Nice Ride At Least

Yeah, so I got 2 out of 3, or maybe 3 out of 4. I just peeked back Wasn’t that good, ratio-wise.

The plan was:

1. Do dinner. Lately if I don’t, no one eats.
2. Get a bike out, make sure it’s oiled up & run able.
3. Select some literature to leave out & about.
4. Fix up a bottle of water.
5. Bike to bro’s house. If he’s not home, cruise the long way back home, but get home before dark.

Younger son got stuck working OT, so by 5:30 we knew dinner was going to be late. Seasoned up some steaks and let them sit in the fridge to absorb a little lovin’. But #1 was being handled.

Got out older son’s bike – gave it a once over. seemed reasonably ride able. Had to re-mount a pedal, but no biggie really. So item #2 – check.

Item #3 – Completely skipped.

Item #4 – Completely skipped.

Item #5 – Actually accomplished. Did a quick tour around our neighborhood first, about a ¼ mile. Made some minor adjustments. C asked where I was headed because I had mentioned the possibility of riding to one of my brothers houses. At that point, I wasn’t really sure where I was going. (BTW, C mostly sober, but definitely drinking. It’s around 6:15pm) Ended up heading out of the neighborhood, headed south towards the airport. Rode the 1+ mile to the airport, got to see a jet land. Woo-hoo!. This was kinda sorta on the way to my brothers, if not a bit round about, so I decided to head over there anyhow. Probably another 2 miles to his neighborhood & house. Funny how many more hills there are when you’re pedaling a bike. The trip always seemed so flat in a car.

Got to my brothers, checked up on his wrist surgery. That all went fine, getting strength and range of motion back, bruising almost all gone. Chugged down a glass of water and headed home on a more direct route. Made it home around 7:45.

Once home, finished dinner prep & cooking. C was on the phone the whole time. Apparently drunk dialing anyone that would listen to her moan and groan about her father (again) Younger son got home about 6:30 – not as much OT as I thought he’d get. He helped out with cooking dinner, then he & I sat down to eat. C was still yakking on the phone, to disinterested party #3 I think. E and I finish dinner, put away dishes, etc.

Finally, around 9:30, C detaches the phone from her ear. During this marathon phone session, there have been no less than 2 additional drinks made (the 22 oz. variety) and at least 3 trips to the powder room. I think the whole evening involved at least 3 different people on the other end of the line. Would have been 4, but she dialed a wrong number and was so drunk she didn’t want to try again. At least she doesn’t know how to use speed dial. Those poor folks she was torturing would NEVER get any peace.

So – I really missed the opportunity to get some of the Al Anon literature out and leave it to be “discovered”. I think I was so wrapped up in getting the bike going that I forgot the next item on my list. There will be more opportunities, I’m sure. Except C can’t read anything without her reading glasses on, so she’ll probably never even read the titles of what I leave strewn about. Unless I pick pamphlets with large font titles. Not very subtle, but sometimes it takes a brick to deliver a message, I guess.

Been working on this same problem in some VHDL code at work for a month now. Older versions of the code would operate like they always did. Newer versions wouldn’t even boot up properly or display the correct version information (very basic stuff). Finally, this morning, I found an error in a configuration file. Explains why the new versions seemed to operate correctly in simulation, but failed miserably in system. Finding that error led to finding 2 others that were similar in nature. Somehow, in creating the new version of code, this configuration file got corrupted and destroyed some critical information. Sad part is, I found the error quite by accident. But at least it’s progress.

291 days down. Still hatching a plot.

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