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Less of zee whine - - -
2005-09-22, 12:33 p.m.

Day 395 Less of zee whine, more of zee cheese

Well, less whine anyhow. Canít be having the cheese myself. Not good for my non-medicine taking butt ya know. So I thought Iíd share it.

Racked my brain trying to come up with dinner ideas Tuesday. Emailed Cindy, trying to find out what she was up for. Turns out sheís chaperoning a school soccer game tonight, so Iím on my own anyhow. Looks like Iíll be having something after aerobics class.

Speaking of which, last week was the first time I was the only male in class. Well, itís the first week I noticed it. Usually thereís at least one other guy (Angelo) and in the winter a third shows up (Mike) Then thereís usually a transient or two, checking things out or showing up with their wife for kicks. So anyhow Ė last week, the instructor (Lisa Ė definitely female) 14 other ladies and myself. If this keeps up I may have to go recruit some more men to take this class. Iím running the risk of getting over run by estrogen.

Later, in another part of town - -

That was a quick two days. Not much noteworthy happened either. The estrogen/testosterone balance was somewhat restored at aerobics Tuesday night. 4 whole guys in attendance, maybe 14 Ė 15 ladies. Packed class. You can tell summer is over and school has finally restarted. Evening crowds at the Y are starting to pick up. Even the mornings are getting a little crowded again. Ah well, mornings are still waaaaaay better than evenings.

Survived Tuesdayís dinner with Cindy out chaperoning. Yesterday (Wednesday) I noticed she didnít get any meat out to thaw for dinner. So I ran downstairs and got a couple of pork chops out. Emailed her with a simple idea for a dinner menu. Chops, Uncle Bens Long grain & wild rice, some mixed veggie medley (cauliflower, carrots & snow peas) and a tossed salad. Got a four word response. ďWhat ever. Sounds boring.Ē Yeah, what ever. Beats Ďwhat everí she didnít have planned. Survived that dinner too.

All this typing about dinner is making me hungry and itís still an hour till lunch.

OK Ė now itís lunch time. Brought lunch in to day, but I may still have to hit up the deli across the street for extraís. A single sandwich and 4 pieces of fruit may not cut it, especially with bowling coming up tonight. Tough to shoot those high scores with your belly growling.

Asked Cindy if she wanted me to pick up something for dinner on my way home from bowling. She mumbled something about making something at home. But there was no meat out to thaw for cooking tonight. I can think of a few things that can be made with no thawed meat available. Some are ok Ė others I may not eat because of fat content. Maybe sheíll surf through FoodTV or Cooking Light or even the Wegmans (local grocery store) website, get inspired and pick up the ingredients on the way home. We stay pretty well stocked with staples, itís just some of the specialty ingredients we need from time to time. Like thawed meat.

Jumped the gun a bit on dropping my meds. Doctor B said I could just stop taking them now. I figured Iíd finish off the current prescriptions and not bother to refill them. Doctor B was fine with that. But it seems that I neglected to pack my medicine for our 2 day fishing extravaganza. So, rather involuntarily, Iím following my doctors orders and dropping the meds now. One thing about my blood pressure medicine, Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) is, itís a water pill. Resets your bodies idea of what your sodium level should be, thereby adjusting the amount of fluid your body retains. Less fluid in your body quite often will lower your blood pressure. Worked for me at least. Only now that Iím not taking the HCTZ anymore, I seem to be retaining fluids - enough fluids that I gained 4 pounds in 3 days. Maybe Iíll rethink hitting up the deli for some extra munchies before bowling. Itís going to take me 2 weeks to work off those 4 pounds and itíll put me behind schedule.

Doctor B also asked my what my current plans were for weight loss. I told her that my target right now was to hit 190 by my birthday on 12/18 Once there, Iíd modify my calorie intake to either stay there, or slowly drop down to 180, but no less. I had mentioned seeing something about a 6í tall maleís optimum weight being something like 165 lbs. Personally, I think thatís a little unrealistic. Iíd look like a scarecrow being that skinny. Doctor B concurred and said 180 was a fine target. So Ė 50 pounds down, 35 to go. Plus a couple for retaining water. Maybe I need some Premarin??

Something along those lines may also be whatís affecting Cindy. I hope. She is 45 after all. Her periods are extremely irregular lately, after a lifetime of running like a clock. Sheíll go months with nothing at all, then have a doozy. Her gyno (a male) said she was a little young to be considering menopause or even perimenopause. Doctor B (female and also Cindyís GP doc), however, said that she may well be suffering the early stages of menopause. Iím siding with Doctor B on this one. Certainly would explain a few mood swings. Havenít asked Cindy if she mentioned that as a symptom to either doctor. I kinda like my head to stay on my shoulders, thank you very much.

Iíve had enough of this aimless wandering. Time to get back to work. Need to get something accomplished by the end of the day. Get to spend the afternoon chasing around ghost signals, trying to figure out why my data acquisition path is as capricious as my wife. Iíd like to think I could at least get the electronics to settle down and fly straight. Women on the other hand Ė guess I may never understand them.

395 days down. Hit my (lucky)13 month anniversary at Quitnet today.

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