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Serena Strikes!
2006-05-12, 11:53 a.m.

Day 628 10-18

Playing a little work hooky today. Gots to go evacuate son #2 from Fredonia this afternoon, so thought I’d take this morning off too. Besides, I have the results of a stealth mission to review. Still have to do the damage assessment, but early reports are in from the field agent, and it looks like the mission was a complete success.

Now, 10-18 is NOT the 18th of October. It was the super secret mission complete code worked out by Serena and myself (mostly Serena – hey – wasn’t she the naughty Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched?) that she was to use upon the successful stalking of barely suspecting son #1. We had also worked out a question that she could ask him that contained information that she shouldn’t know, unless of course she was being supplied this info by a mole, deeply implanted into the targets family.

Upon reviewing agent Serena’s field report this morning (sorry – eyes only, unless the agent publishes it herself), it is apparent that the target was acquired, stalked, approached and asked an innocent opening question. Events were conspiring against the dropping of the bomb question, but agent Serena held it together and utilizing her field experience, improvised her way through, actually CHASING the target at one point before asking the big question: (sorry – eyes only, unless the agent publishes it herself).

That was the point where the target knew the jig was up. That was also the point where the target knew his Dad was a complete psycho (it’s in the report, really), unleashing the whirling dervish Serena on his poor, innocent self.


Just talked with the target – doing the damage assessment. I was actually calling to tell him he now had $$ to pay his dorm deposit for next semester. He brought up the stalker visit by Serena. Turns out what impressed him most was: A – the sheer number of questions she was able to fire off and B – the sheer number of questions she was able to fire off. I think he was a bit overwhelmed, being accosted by a tiny, inquisitive Italian lady just as he was getting off work last night. That’s pretty much how he put it too. Makes me look forward to meeting Serena myself sometime next week, during the family evacuation of Syracuse (moving the kid home from school for the summer).

Today, I’ve still got to hit the gym (but I’ll update the mileage stats before I post), call the FIL and remind him I’m picking him up at 1, gotta grab some packing materials, then head down to Geneseo, pick up the FIL and then swing west and save the village of Fredonia from the antics of son #2. Better eat lunch in there somewhere too.


Later on, back at the ranch:

Had to get in the ol’ work out update. Think I may have peaked too soon – did a HUGE cardio workout, quite unintentionally – it just kinda took off on me. Skimped on the weights a bit in an effort to save a little for tomorrow morning. Yesterday, I had some leftover linguine & clam sauce for lunch – with whole wheat pasta. Today? Having some more of the left over pasta, but this time with a vodka sauce. I’m hoping it was the carbo load that helped the cardio performance. Guess I’ll know by this time tomorrow. 25:00 or bust!!

Oh – I’ve been officially tagged by Sport for a meme about “6 weird things” about yourself. I will happily comply – but it’s going to take a while to pare the list down. Prolly get it posted by Monday or so – ok Sport? And remember – celery goes so well with PEANUT BUTTER.

Updated stats:
Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 193.00 on 5/12/06 (officially 0.75 pounds for the weighdown)
Target: 180 by 7/1/06 (Start of swim suit season??)
Next “official” weigh in: 5/20/06

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 5/12/06: 356.92
Miles with cooldown: 393.11
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

Might have to add a little something for the 5K training too. (yeah, right!)

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