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Serena Live!
2006-05-22, 9:54 p.m.

Day 638 Serena Live!

The Serena Live! Event happened the evening of my 634th smoke free day. This is my abridged version of the evening. It should be noted that no animals were harmed in the creation of this event, and no state or local laws were violated. Mostly.

After exchanging emails on the subject of getting together for a week or so, Serena and I finally touched base by phone Thursday afternoon. Tried to solidify the very fluid plans we had. I was already heading into Syracuse with my son, the stalking victim. I’d drop him off at his apartment, let him finish packing while I trotted off to meet Serena. We’d arranged that I would call her by 9pm if I was in town and ready to go, otherwise, she was to call me at 9:30 if she hadn’t heard from me.

She called me shortly after 9:30. I got stuck at home a bit and didn’t hit the road till 7:30ish. Got into Syracuse right at 9. Couldn’t just go trotting off immediately. By the time Serena did call, I was set to go. Tried to meet her at the best grocery store on the planet, Wegmans . Thought I knew how to get there. Had to make a crucial decision at this one exit – do I go east or west to get to Wegmans? One of Murphy’s laws corollaries: given a 50/50 chance, you’re guaranteed to be wrong. As I’m cruising along, headed west, getting farther & farther from where I wanted to be, my phone rings again. Serena’s turn to get stuck at home for a little bit. But she was able to figure out where I was and get me headed back in the right direction. I finally pulled into Wegmans parking lot and waited in the designated area – in front of the pharmacy entrance.

Just a few minutes later Serena pulled in. We each get out of our vehicles and meet face to face for the first time. I must admit, she looked nothing like what I had pictured in my head. Also must admit what I had pictured in my head did her no justice. Of course, I had pictured a nice looking girl, but my goodness! Our Serena is quite the attractive girl, casual clothes or not! Besides being a sharp dresser, she’s quite good at making you feel at ease. I was very anxious and a little nervous when our evening started. There was a fair amount of build up to this, so the anticipation levels were high, but Serena was so open, engaging and downright sweet, the jangly nerves settled down quickly. Before the first beer even.

We made a wee bit of small talk in the Wegmans parking lot then she led the way to a tavern on the north side of Onondaga Lake, only a short drive away. In a totally weird leap year kind of experience for me, Serena wouldn’t even allow me to buy my own beer, much less hers! Another first! Wined and, well, wined by the fairer sex. I will absolutely be returning the favor someday soon.

We spent the next 4 hours talking about nearly everything. Her Mook, my Cindy, her kids, my kids, what we‘re trying to do with our diaries, what they mean to us, experiences we’ve each had, both good and bad. She shared a bit about what Mook did for a living and teased out of me what it was I actually do for a career. I showed her my sharkbite , she showed me her nice flat tummy and “innie” belly button. I think that was after I griped about the little bit of extra padding I still want to take off my waist. Or it may have been after we were comparing our triceps. Either way, her workouts are paying off nicely.

At some point in the evening (morning?) my son called me, answering with the comment “so you ARE still alive!?!” Well sure I was – just got all involved chatting it up with Serena and lost all track of time. Now he knows what it’s like to wait up for a family member who’s out having a good time. He’s also ok with Serena and I meeting – influenced no doubt by his meeting her a couple of weeks ago.

Eventually, the owners of the tavern worked up the audacity to ask us to leave. At 2:15 AAAYYY EMMMM!! We were just getting going too. After securing directions to the expressway for me, we ambled on out to the parking lot. Many hugs were dispensed before we finally were able to say farewell. (This girl knows how to hug too. For a tiny little thing, she can cut loose with the best bear hugs. Just wraps you right up in them. I need to go back for more.) Now I can’t wait for Zach to move back to Syracuse in August. It’ll be a great excuse to go get another dose of some Serena.

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