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Hot, hot, hot
2006-07-17, 12:09 p.m.

Day 694 Lordy, It’s Hot Here Too!

Tomorrow I finally get the stitches from my oral surgery out. Can’t wait. I keep playing with the little threads from the stitches. Probably a great workout for the ol’ tongue, but I’m sure it looks a little odd to someone that doesn’t know what’s up. Heh. Plus, I finally will get to brush my upper right. Teeth are starting to feel a little fuzzy over there. Can’t brush for fear of ripping a stitch or getting some bleeding started. Yummy.

Been making a concerted effort to be downright pleasant around/towards when she’s off the sauce. Seems to be making life a little easier – at least for those periods of time. Still need to figure out a way to handle myself when I know she’s been hitting the bottle. I can be pleasant to a certain point, then her actions & behavior get beyond what I can tolerate.

Maybe this is what I’ll tell her – “I can’t tolerate how you’re acting right now because of your drinking. I’m steering clear of you until you sober up. I will do nothing to aid your drinking and I will do nothing to cover for you. Someone calls for you on the phone – I’m handing it to you. Good luck.”

At least with that, she knows why I’m avoiding her and what she can expect in return. Seems like such a small step. Maybe it’ll help settle my mind at least. Worth trying next time the situation comes up (my bets are on tonight or Tuesday)

If you can’t tell, had a pretty peaceful weekend. Did the usual Saturday morning workout. Got in the grocery shopping – Sam’s Club and Wegman’s, Serena’s favorite store in the whole world. Spent most of Saturday afternoon putting away all the meat & produce from the shopping trip.

Hit up the drive in Saturday night. Cindy, Jill & I. Zach was off at some “guys only” weekend at one of his friends parents cottage on one of the Finger Lakes. Eric headed off to the Syracuse neighborhood to see his girlfriend. That left just the 3 of us. Went and saw “Pirates of the Caribbean” Entertaining movie. Funnier in spots than the original, a little slow moving in others. I thought Davey Jones was pretty incredible as a character. Very neat how they did the effects with him. Maybe could have been tightened up a bit so it was shorter & moved a little faster, but still a decent flick. Definitely left some story threads wide open for a third film. Pretty sure I’ll be there for it.

Found another dead Orfe in the pond the other day. Sunday, noticed that one of the big orange fantails was missing too. This morning, the other fantail was being persecuted by the other fish – seemed like they were all ganging up on him, literally driving him up & out of the water at points. Went out & fed them, seemed to take their 3 brain cells off of chasing the poor fantail – for a few minutes anyhow.

Royally hosed up the morning routing today. Normally, I pack my gym bag the night before – get clothes ready, all that crap. Thought I did that last night too. Got up this morning, shaved, rummaged through my bag, checking for basics like socks & underwear, satisfied with what I found. Headed downstairs, got the paper, had breakfast, made lunch. Grabbed my gym bag, lunch bag, brief case, and shirt (my oxford on a hanger, along with pen, pencil & work pass) and left the house.

Got to the gym. Grabbed my gym bag and went inside. Changed into workout shorts & my cross trainer shoes, got my MP3 player and locked up. Went upstairs, did my 35 minutes on the elliptical, decided time was a little tight for weights this morning. Headed back downstairs to shower. Stripped off my saturated t-shirt, started to pull off my socks when I noticed my gym bag was emptier than normal. Was about to pull out my soap & shampoo when it dawned on my what was missing. No bath towel. And no, the Y doesn’t supply towels. Here I am, dripping with sweat, in dire need of a shower, and I have no flippin’ towel. I suppose I could have used the air dryers (like the hand dryers, but mounted high enough so you can stand under them), but it’s going to be 95 here today, I don’t want to get all hot & sweaty just trying to dry off. To top it off, I left my dress shirt in the van too. Decided to bag it all and just head back home to get a shower. It’s not a huge detour, but it is a major time suck, having to do all the extra traveling.

So now, after skipping weights in an effort to get into work a little earlier, I’m left getting into work a little late due to the extra travel & lost time. Beautiful way to start the day.

Spent some time in a swanky lawyers office last week. Bob (FIL) went in and chatted with his new estate attorney last Thursday. Wayne (BIL) and I got to sit in their waiting area, killing time while Bob set things straight with the estate lawyer. Saving grace – we were on the 17th floor of the First Federal Building downtown. Had a gorgeous view of the southeast section of Rochester, the new bridge over the river on the downtown expressway, and the 3rd floor patio & pool of the Clarion hotel just across the river. I’m taking my camera next time we go. There are some really nice shots to be had from up there – and not just of the hotel’s clientele either! I’ll share if’n I get some.

Found out that the Power of Attorney we did for Bob has a flaw. Requires Wayne and I to act together on all matters. Though that meant we just had to agree on what ever actions wee took. Well, it does, but it also means that we BOTH have to sign all checks, documents, etc. Considering we live 40 miles apart, that ain’t happening. It also means that I got one over on B@nk of @meric@. They let me do all sorts of stuff on just my signature. Never knew we needed Wayne’s too.

There’s lots more going on with that whole Wayne/Bob relationship, mostly how Cindy & I are afraid Wayne is intimidating his Dad into just buying what ever Wayne wants. Dinners out, groceries, vehicle repairs ($1200 vehicle repairs), couches (that Wayne’s dogs shredded after a mouse got in the house. A house with 5 fat lazy cats. OK – 4 fat lazy cats and a one eyed cat) He’s trying to hoover out Bob’s accounts before anything happens will/estate wise. He’s also of the opinion that his dad has so much money, he’ll never miss a thousand or so here and there. When we were in the lawyers waiting area alst week, I tried convincing Wayne that his dada may well need his money for another 20 years and we should plan for that first. Think it fell on deaf ears. He was more worried about what the inheritance tax is on estates of over $600K

Cindy’s fondest wish is that I have power of attorney alone (she wants no part of it), with out Wayne listed as a co-poa. We shall see. Doesn’t mean that I can stop Wayne from talking Bob into buying him everything under the sun, but I’ll have a better chance of at least preserving Bob’s money so it can provide for his own needs as his Alzheimer’s progresses. He will be requiring higher levels of care in the future. Right now, he can function on his own in the controlled environment he lives in, but that won’t last.

Wish all that were the worst of my problems. Biggest issue right now – some fairly complicated VHDL code that I need to deliver in 2 weeks – at least the first drop. I’m behind a teensy bit and need to get moving. I see some late nights coming soon.

Hey – I finally got off that plateau at 186.75 lbs. Maybe I can get the scales moving downward again. Still have a shot at hitting my old football playing weight (that would be below my current target – so I ain’t fessing up on just what it is, yet.

Have you seen Mom-on-Roof’s new hot rod? If you haven’t, go take a peek. I’m lovin it.

Updated stats:
Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight 186.25 on 7/15/06 (IT MOVED!!)
Next weigh in: 7/22/06

New target – 8/22/06 to be at 180 (my 2 year quit anniversary)

The Keep on Truckin goal: (idea stolen shamelessly from Marn’s Big Adventure)
Miles at speed 7/17/06: 550.70
Miles with cooldown: 605.74
Target for 2006: 1000 miles
Plus 45+ miles biking so far.

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