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Well, That's Over
2006-11-15, 10:02 p.m.

Day 815 Well, Thatís Over

NaBloPoMo #14

Geeze, whatís this, two days Iíve missed in November now? Weekends are really tough too. Just have to try and do better the second half.

Got confirmation from Eric that heís all paid up for his trip in January, and the tuition portion was actually included in the trip cost, so no extra tuition added to Januaryís bill. Nice bit of relief there. Now he just has the whole passport issue to get taken care of. He was supposed to be getting that done today, along with attending an informational session on details of the trip. If nothing is too pressing, I imagine heíll just be bringing the details home with him over Thanksgiving break. Not like thereís much that we can do with any of the details just yet.

Did manage to snag him a 2G memory card for his camera. Got a nice deal too. So nice, I got Zach one too. Looking to maybe get Eric some luggage too. Iím sure we have some that he could use, but with Christmas so close, itís a great opportunity. Plus you can hide other presents in the luggage. All good fun.

Doctors appointment was kinda of anti-climactic. Dr. B is happy with my weight & BP. Felt there was no pressing need to check the cholesterol right now, seeing as I was only 156 in May and my weight has been reasonably stable since then. Itís not like Iíve taken up eating whale blubber or anything.

I did broach the subject of my going to Al Anon. Told her why and for how long. She asked how long the drinking has been going on, but never asked things like how much per day or how long the binges were, etc. Some information I could work into the conversation, but Dr. B didnít go very deep with her own questions. Dr. B did ask if Cindy had admitted there is a problem. I told her that yes, she had agreed that maybe (maybe!!) she had a drinking problem, but also that she seemed in no way motivated to getting help. Also brought up the coumadin therapy, the trouble getting the levels regulated, the melt down back in May, 911 call, psych consults Ė worked in everything I could Ė everything that should already be in the records. Hopefully this will prompt a review. Donít know when Cindyís next visit is, but sheís due for more coumadin testing in a month or so.

At any rate, Iíve done what I needed to do and informed my doctor that Iím getting help via self administered group therapy. She did ask if it was helping. I was happy to reply that yes, it does help, teaches you coping mechanisms and provides great moral support. Even learn a little bit about how the disease works.

Well, off to bed with my tired butt. Gym will be calling my name in the morning, and thereís bowling to be had in the evening. Need to make up for how last week went.

Updated stats:

Weight start: 206.5 on 1/1/06 (265.0 on 1/15/05)
Current weight: 188 on 11/4/06 (Out of the rut, but in the wrong direction)
Next weigh in: 1/18/06

New target Ė Aim is 180, by Christmas. Better get it in gear.

The Keep on Truckin goal: (miles piled up on elliptical trainers and/or running)
Miles at speed 11/13/06: 906.42
Miles with cool down: 997.26
Target for 2006: 1000 miles

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