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2007-03-09, 2:34 p.m.

Day 929 Proof!!

Harrumph. No fresh new idiocy to link to today. Well, I’m sure there’s some out there someplace, but nothing has hit the usual wire services just yet.

Bowling was a challenge again last night. Five opens, four of them splits, precious few strikes. Ended up bowling my average for the evening, but it felt like a real struggle to get there. Team wise we didn’t do so well, but we did manage to stay out of last place. We’d jumped from 23rd to 19th last week, but might have done a little damage last night. Oh well. At least we have a really good time, even if the bowling sux muchly.

One way I know it isn’t quite Spring yet:

That’s the playground used by the kiddies at the daycare center at our YMCA. That’s the view from the hallway joining the locker rooms to the gym (basketball court) and front lobby. I was looking through the Y’s website, trying to find decent pics to link to so you could see how gorgeous the place is. Didn’t find any shots that did the place justice. But I did find something almost as good. Turns out I made the latest brochure. Looky:

See that guy waaaayyy back in the far side of the room getting a well deserved drink of water? The one with the arrow pointing at him? That’d be me, probably sweating profusely, cursing the instructor for making us do more low digs. The instructor is the gal on the extreme right of the frame, in the dark shirt, looking away. She’s adjusting the stereo, probably upping the tempo of her version of “Bolero” so that the ending is crazy fast. Probably wants to do uphill sprints or some such torture.

This is a Saturday morning class (cuz Julie is the instructor) and it’s just after the new cycling studio opened. Those bikes we’re riding have been replaced by spiffy new ones that are very smooth and have way too much adjustment range on the resistance. Other than my fantastically toned legs & butt, this is the only actual proof I have that I even know what the inside of the spinning studio looks like. Even my immediate family has never actually seen me in the studio spinning. Except maybe Zach. I think. Hell, I don’t know, I just go & sweat.

Having some friends over for the evening tomorrow. It’ll be nice to share the company of adults other than family for a while. Wondering what we can stuff in the smoker to do up for dinner. Possibilities run from smoking a couple of chickens, to maybe a pork loin, baby back ribs or even a few strip steaks (NY, of course). We’re hitting up S@ms tonight (finally!!), so we’ll take what ever they’ve got. Wonder if they have goose?

On the fun with alcoholics front – no news. SSDD as it were. Oh – but this will be interesting. The couple coming over Saturday night? The guy is a pretty good drinker. Good in that he can put them away. His capacity for drink also belies his diminutive size. Even in my svelte (cough) new form, I’ve got 40 or 50 pounds on him. I’ll bet he can drink me under the table. His wife? Ehhh – not so much. She’ll have a glass or two of wine, nurse them along for the evening. Looks like Weesie & I will be on the same pace and Cindy & Frank will be out ahead of us. At least everybody knows what’s up, and I know Louise will always be safe to drive home in the event Frank gets a little too far gone. Truth be told, I had a single 16 (maybe 20) ounce beer at bowling last night. I could feel a slightl buzz upon completion of said beer. Looks like I’ve turned into a cheap date. Couple of beers and you can have your way with me. Woo!

Surprisingly productive day here at the grist mill so far. Lots of folks out on vacation today & all of next week. Easy to be productive when you’re not being interrupted every 30 minutes. Got to try this more often. The other benefit to being a cheap date – no hangovers to fight through in the morning. It’s glorious.

Hey! Speaking of morning, actually made it to spin class this morning. Friday mornings we get treated to Gary, the sadistic SOB that likes to do the uphill sprints. This morning was no different. He did add a little twist though. Up/downs. Brutal. Get up & peddle for 8 counts, back in the seat and peddle for 8 counts (beats) Repeat for an entire song. Then, for the next song, just to break it up some, he’ll go for 16 count up/downs. The fun part is that you’re not supposed to use your arms to pull yourself up – it’s all legs. Your arms might as well be Tyrannosaurus style for all your allowed to use them. It’s drills like that that make your glutes very glad when class ends. Matter of fact, it’s pushing 8 hours since class ended and my rear is still feeling it. Class tomorrow morning ought to be a real blast.

New instructor tomorrow too. Good ol’ Julie decided that she’d like to take Saturdays off for the first time in forever. So we get to be broken in by a new instructor – Cherrie. I’m wondering if this is the same girl that subbed in aerobics on Tuesday nights about a year ago. Could be scary. That Cherrie (Shari, Sherrie?) liked everything LOUD. The music, her own microphone, us – everything had to be cranked waaaayyy up. Couldn’t stand it. Maybe spinning will be a little better. The music tends more towards blues & rock and no dance, hip hop or disco (thank gawd)

I gotta go think up another power supply, then maybe consider slinking out of here a little early today. I’m just SO excited to get to S@ms I could shit. The sooner we get back, the sooner we can start dinner too. That salad I had for lunch just isn’t cutting it. Wonder if anyone’s kids are selling Reese’s cups for some school function? Off to the break area for me . . .

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