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Aka: Happy Easter Vacation
2007-04-10, 10:07 p.m.

Day 962?
Aka: Happy Easter Vacation

Yeah, so Im kinda sorta on vacation this week, except for this little 7 hour class I have to take Wednesday. Quality time for doing up entries is rather scarce at the moment. Since I seem to have a leetle time available, thought Id fire up a quick update.

Had plans of maybe getting out for a short bike ride at some point during the day Easter Sunday. Instead, we woke up to this:

NO BIKING. You think?

Instead, we exercised option 2 thought about re-arranging a couple of rooms. Our family room is too small, the living room is large but unused. Were going to swap them. Sort of. Most of the furniture has to be swapped. Walls need to be painted to make the furniture fit better. You need to see the furniture maybe, but sadly, painting is necessary. We had always wanted to replace the windows in the living room too. It has large picture window flanked by small double hung windows. Leaks like a sieve. That sucks in the winter time. In the summer, all there is to open is the two small windows on the side.

Know whos open Easter Sunday? L0wes. So off we went to buy replacement windows. And everything wed need to do the job. Monday, before Eric went back to school, he & I yanked out the old windows. Just as Eric was leaving for school, Zach got home from work. Zach & I put in the three new windows. Only had a huge 4 x 9 hole in the front of the house for maybe 3 hours, then we were more weather tight than before.

Heres the old windows with the moldings taken off:

And heres the new ones a few hours later:

Heres me enjoying a fine Guinness after one tiring day of work:

Got the interior moldings put up today (Tuesday), have that pesky class tomorrow, but should be able to prime the windows tomorrow night, paint the whole room Thursday and start putting it back together Friday. Theres significant furniture shuffling to do, got to move the computer & TV, re-route cables, etc. Going to be a fun week. Might even pop in another entry to show some results. Just never know.

Oooh did get in workouts this week. Cranked out another personal best in the 5K, down to 22:30 now. Cant say why, running just felt really good this morning. Thats about 30 seconds shy of where Id like to be for the first race of the season. Love to find my dentist there this year and run with him. I know he does 5ks in 21:30 22:00 or so. Im almost there, might make it in another month. Hed probably pass out if I could manage to stay with him for the entire race especially after the 28 years of smoking I did. It would be super sweet if I could finish ahead of him, then watch him cross the finish line like he did to me last year.

Right now, I gotta get to bed. Want to do my cycling class before I head off to that training tomorrow. Ill think about running with Joe later. Actually, I have an appointment with him next week. I can make sure hes signed up for this race. Maybe if I beat him, my next crown can be free?

Hope everyone had a great Easter. I need munchies. An orange sounds really good. See you all later.

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