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Wasnít That Obvious?
2007-04-25, 1:42 p.m.

Day 976

Go read this while I wait here for you.

Doesnít that make you want to scream ďDíuh!!Ē (CAN you scream that?)

We all know plenty of examples that support that studyís results. A couple of them sit in the Oval Office regularly. Did I say that out loud? Oops. Doofus. (Him, not me)

Lordy, I thought my legs were ready for another session of pedaling with Patty. That girl is just inhuman. That, or she doesnít use as much resistance as Iím imagining she does. One of these days, I want to go over and hop on her bike and see where she has the resistance set. Sheís a tiny little thing (5í3Ē Ė 5í4Ē, maybe 115lbs) and I seriously wonder if I could keep up with her on a climb if we had our bikes set to the same resistance. For the record, Iím guessing I have 75 Ė 80 lbs on her, which on a standing climb is a small asset. If you can get your weight shifted back & forth, gravity will help you push the pedal down. Thatís the only time extra mass in the ass helps you on a bike. Still, I think her inner drive, determination and better cardio conditioning might get her up the hill faster. (If you canít tell, Iím really impressed with her pedaling abilities)

Maybe Sunday Iíll get a chance to do a more direct comparison. Weather willing, we may start riding outdoors as a group, led by Patty, Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings being the most likely times. I hope Thursdays rides start at 7pm. Would allow me to still make that 5:30 meeting and still sneak in a ride. Thatíd be a nice bonus. Just have to pack the bike and a change of clothes. And maybe dinner. And tape Survivor. (No I donít have DVR yet. Could, but I donít)

I was perusing one of my regular reads earlier, another blogger/diarist interested in fitness & gardening. Marn normally writes very entertaining, even thought provoking entries.

Recently, sheís been looking for an exercise that would be good for her ďbuttal regionĒ. As she says, she suffers from Gluteus Flatimus and wanted to find an exercise that would put a little junk back in her trunk. Well, she found one called the One-Legged Squat. I read the article (from Menís Health no less) and thought it was worth trying Ė it seemed it would certainly be beneficial to biking, and Iíve been accused of having no butt before myself.

But her latest entry has kinda made me jealous. Now I know why women seem to take so long on the ab cruncher and why theyíre such fans of Pilates classes. It appears that some women, given the right sequence of pelvic muscle contractions combined with just the right leg movements, can actually have orgasms while doing one-legged squats, hanging leg raises, or other core-muscle type exercises. (Go read Marnís entry. Really)

Okay. So Iím not kinda jealous. Iím REALLY jealous. And I will never be able to look at a woman doing her ab exercises with a straight face ever again. Sure, she might be a little hot, sweaty, kinda flushed in the face and grunting & moaning just a bit. But is that just from the exertion of doing the exercise, or is it the exertion of the exercise doing her? Iíll bet I could never tell, unless her vocabulary starts to take on a certain hue, if you know what I mean.

So now itís no wonder girls out number guys at the gym. Iíll bet the numbers women have in majority are the ones that have found the joy of doing extra leg raises. Lucky daughters of guns (sons of guns just didnít feel right, in spite if the rhyming). Now I wonder about the clear majority women have in the cycling classes too. While I might think that the bike seats are uncomfortable and kinda hit me in all the wrong places (ok, 2 or 3 anyhow), I wonder if women feel the same way? If I ever see a gal lose her balance and fall off her stationary bike, Iíll know why.

In case you think this is a little far fetched, hereís an article in Menís Health documenting the whole thing. (I like the comment from the one gal that was a virgin and experienced this effect and had to wonder just what the hell was going on. At least her first lover had something to live up to!)

Worst part is there is no way in hell guys can get away with the same thing. Guess thatís a partial payback for childbirth. Well, that and the sucklegasm some women can have. Have women got all the luck in that category?

Need to change the subject cuz Iím getting all bummed out.

Gah. I hate writing reports. Can you tell? At least typing up an entry SOUNDS like typing up lab reports and performance specs and corrective action responses. As long as I keep one in an active window thatís only a click away . . .

My more proactive approach to weekly dinners nearly took a hit today. Forgot to get something meaty out to thaw for dinner tonight. My back up plan? Minestrone soup. Not quite vegetarian style, as our favorite recipe does use chicken stock for the broth, but the rest is all veggies. Leeks, onion, carrot, garlic, zucchini, cannelini beans, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, a bit of pesto and some thyme. Gobs of chopping to do, but if you do it in the right order, everything becomes ready just as you need it. It smells soooo good as itís cooking. As long as youíre chopping everything for the soup, itís no big deal to keep chopping and make a huge tossed salad too. Then we can have a primarily vegetarian meal and help out everybodyís diets a bit. Plus we get some yummy leftovers.

Ya know, I think thatís about enough for today. Now Iím tired, jealous AND hungry. I gotta stop typing.

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