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Random Thought (From Friday!!)
2007-04-27, 2:58 p.m.

Day 978

Yes, from Friday. As lazy as I was all weekend, I just never got to posting this. I need more to do so I can get more done!

Youíve been warned. A collection of one or two liners as they pass through whatís left of my brain today.

Nice cycling work out this morning. Gary is one sadistic bastard. (But Iíve mentioned that before.)

Read an article that said itís a good idea to do your leg weight work after a solid bike climbing session. Can I add an OUCH!!?

While I was heading to the Nautilus area for that recommended workout (ouch), I saw a gal, my age-ish, doing ab crunches. I was wondering ďwhatís causing that flush on her face?Ē

Have that ďdateĒ with my brother tonight to see Spamalot. It occurred to me Iíll miss the Sabres game tonight. Would it be rude if I took my MP3 player along and tuned in from time to time? (My player has an FM tuner too)

Today at work we will have a celebration at lunch to mark the end on an era with our current employer. On our first day with the new company, I will be exactly 3 weeks short of 25 years with the old guys.

I already have been awarded a choice of anniversary presents from the old guys. My choices? A portrait package (8x10, (2) 5x7ís and a bunch of wallet size) or a $150 gift certificate to the company store. Whoopee. (I chose the gift certificate)

Tomorrow is another 3 consecutive class cycling day. Iím going to shame the kids into showing up for at least one of them, provided theyíre not working.

If they are working, Iíll shame them into showing up for Sundays lone class with Patty.

Tomorrow will be a quickie photo session with Zach to get some promo shots for my Tour de Cure web page. Gotta come up with some interesting ideas for photos . . .

Speaking of photos: How we know itís finally Spring:

Our forsythia bush has finally popped. Crab apple & flowering plum are next. Mowing the lawn canít be far behind.

Forgot. Jillís sister-in-law had a baby Wednesday. Zach & Jill are headed down to her hometown to fawn over the new little one. (Rylin they named him, to go with Kayden & Harley.)
After our ďcelebrationĒ lunch. Pulled pork sammies, BBQ beans (terrible), canned peas (mush), mashed taters (for lunch?), limp tossed salad and little ice cream cups that had been left out too long. They were drinkable. Yum.

My hammy tried to cramp up just now. Ouch. Hope it behaves during the show tonight. I can see me getting a cramp and screaming SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! as I fly out of my seat in the middle of the first act. Fun.

Itís well known that potassium is good for preventing cramps. Itís also well known that bananaís are an excellent source of potassium. I detest bananaís. I need yogurt (also a decent source of potassium)

My intense dislike of bananaís is preventing me from applying for Survivor. Seems that on at least every other season, those pesky, stinky, mushy plantains are the source of much of the contestants calories. Iíd die in a week if that were the case. Yíall are lucky.

Good news!! Zach has an interview with a local architectural firm next week. They had a job opening posted for an entry level position that described his skill set to a ďTĒ. Found the posting completely by accident a couple of weeks ago, just suggested he fire them off a resume & cover letter. Itíll be his first interview, but itís a start!

The search for a new car for my mom continues. Damnit. At least she hasnít compulsively bought the first cute little thing she saw.

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