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2007-06-01, 3:38 p.m.

Day 1013

Man, was it ever hot & steamy last night – and NOT in a good way!! Seems that after winter arriving really late this past season, summer has decided to start a wee bit early in order to compensate. Up here in the frigid tundra we’ve had temps in the upper 80’s for the past several days. That alone isn’t too bad, but the humidity has steadily crept up over those same several days.

Last night when the race started the temp was still about 82 (at 7pm – not nice around here) and the humidity was pretty high. That made even breathing an issue. The warmth also contributes to higher body temps, which at least in my case, leads to lower energy. I managed to run better than last years time (by 4 minutes), but my net time was about 3 minutes off what I thought I could run. I’m attributing it primarily to the fact that running on a treadmill, indoors, at 72 degrees & comfy humidity is nothing like running on a paved track in the Amazon with 10,000 of your closest friends. Everybody was griping about the heat. We’re such wimps up here when it comes to higher temps. I bet we’d all have preferred it to be in the upper 50’s. Heck, last year it was in the 60’s and drizzly. Really nice running conditions.

Got 2 new workout shirts complements of last nights race. One is the shirt all 10K participants got from JPMorgan Chase (a lovely lime green), the other is our teams shirt (boring old white) to commemorate the last year we all run under the old Kodak banner. Next year, if we participate at all, we’ll go as a separate entity – finally breaking the last of the ties with all our old co-workers. (Sniff, sniff)

Mapped out a nice little 77 mile route for the weekend that includes about 50 miles of the Tour de Cure Route. You can get a look at it here.

On that little map – this weekends run intersects the Tour route right between miles 10 & 15 – where the two green route marker lines cross. That’s my entry point into and out of the course. I’m skipping the lap around Conesus Lake for this weekend. That would add another 40 miles that I just don’t want to consider yet. Oh – and the starting & ending points shown? Actually at my house, so c’mon by and stalk us for a while. We can sit out back on the patio, chew the fat and have a grand old time. When I get back. You’ll have to help yourself to drinks & munchies because I think I’ll be too sore to move. Oh – and while you’re up, would you grab me a huge bottle of G@tor Ade please?

Oh – and Alison – I took your suggestion to heart. Surfed around on Eb@y last night and found a nice Camelbak hydration unit. Caught it right at the end of the auction and managed to pick it up for <50% of retail, including shipping. With any luck, it’ll arrive in time for next weekends voyage. Might even have time to take it out for a little test run, but I don’t think I’ll use the full 100 oz. capacity.

No workout this morning. Didn’t seem like a good idea after last night. I got to bed waaaayyy late (like 11pm!!) and I felt a twinge of a cramp in my leg around 2am. Actually got me up out of a sound sleep. Hate that. Hope Gary the sadistic bastard doesn’t take it personally. It’s not you Gary, it’s me – really!!

Several weeks ago we got some new fishies for the pond. 4 Golden Orfe’s. Teeny little things – maybe 3 inches long. We were getting worried that we’d lost them. No one had sighted them for nearly 2 weeks – even during feedings. Lately though, we’ve been seeing a pair of them scooting around – still not going after the food, but at least they’re in there. The orfe’s are quick little buggers, and the water quality is such that we still can’t see very deep into the pond (algae still running rampant). Current theory is that the Orfe’s are hanging out in the deeper water, steering clear of the big guys and only get near the surface at feeding times when everybody is excited and flying around. It’s kind of neat – go stand near the pond and all the fish come over practically sticking their mouths out of the water, hoping you’re going to feed them. Now that the weather has warmed up they’re much more active – and hungry. Makes for very cheap entertainment. But still, we’ve only spotted 2 Orfes at any one instant, making us unsure of just how many there really are. At least they were inexpensive.

Speaking of teeny little things – had some wee little bird take a header out of the ash tree in the front yard. Cindy said it appeared to be trying to fly, but after further review, there was no way this little guy was going to fly. Didn’t even have proper feathers on his wings yet. Saw some finch type birds flitting around in the ash tree acting very agitated, but couldn’t find a nest. In the end, we had to leave the little guy where he was and let nature take it’s course. Never did go back yesterday and se if the little guy was still there. Frankly, I’m ok not knowing.

Might be off & riding early tomorrow. May end up going to a memorial service at 11am for an old friend of Cindy’s family. I never knew the person that well, although I did go to school with the kids. But 11am? Means I have to be home by 10. 75 miles will take 5 hours, that means hitting the road at 5am. Ugh. Maybe I can delay my ride till Sunday and just hit the gym tomorrow. Could get in more cardio work that way and beat up the legs less. Have to see what Cindy says. She’s left me to go solo to plenty of these things, but . . .

Dang – gotta go call a vendor. Seems incoming calls are hosed on my exchange. No wonder it’s been so quiet today . . .

Later folks

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