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Curb My Enthusiasm
2007-07-26, 1:24 p.m.

Day 1067

I had to rein in my enthusiasm over Cindyís getting to an AA meeting a wee bit. While I am jumping up & down like an over stimulated 3 year old inside, I have got to remember this is the first step in a long process. Thereís no guarantee that the next steps will be taken, and even if they are there will likely be setbacks and obstacles to hurdle. Progress, not perfection, right?

My much wiser (and younger) sponsor reminded me that she needs to do this for herself. Itís not my job to keep her going, or monitor her attendance or constantly ask her how things are going. At this point, I shouldnít even ask her how her meeting went, because technically, I donít know that she did go. Lucky for me she doesnít know how to clear out the browser cache.

Speaking of which, poking around in that browser cache was pretty much going against everything Iíve supposedly learned in the last, what, 15 months? I didnít suggest she go, I didnít even say the letters ďAAĒ in her presence. Perhaps her self imposed exile over the last few months has finally taken itís toll. Good thing too, cuz my facade was about to crack.

Still going to do that therapist session next week. Even with Cindy finally finding the address of a meeting and getting through the door, Iím a little far from hunky dory. Better than I was yesterday, but got some work left to do.

Eric took advantage of that ďCome in 2 hours early on a ThursdayĒ deal again. Itís nice because it kinda forces me to get moving a little earlier on what would normally be a late day. Consequently, I had a very nice workout this morning. Ran an entire 5K rather than cutting it short because of time. Also ran it a little slower, thinking I could turn it into a 4 miler, but that time thing came up again.

Oh Ė other big news from last night. Way back like two months ago we picked up a couple of calico fantail fishies for the pond. Put them in and thay disappeared in the algae clouded depths. About a month later, once all the plants got established and the algae control improved, we finally saw one of the new fantails waddling around. But only one. A couple weeks later, when the water was (and still is) crystal clear, we decided to add a couple of small koi to the mix. Plopped the koi in and they seemed to integrate into the mix quite nicely. Still no sign of the other fantail. No dead body in the water, no sign of predator entry, nothing.

Last night, I was munching on my nightly handful of peanuts, feeding the fishies when who finally decided to show up for dinner? That second fantail. After 2 months of hiding, 1 month of that in really clear water. Iím pleased, but stunned. Were the hell did that thing hide for so long? If anyone is really wondering what these things look like, I looked up pictures, but they were of such quality that Iíll wait till I can get some of my own. Soon. Plus, I can do more than one fish per shot. Plus plus, my fish donít look like the ones in the web pictures either, especially the orfeís.

Thinking short & sweet today. Have much to be thankful for, a renewed sense of hope, and a little work to do. Heck, itís payday today, I should work twice as hard today, right?

Later folks. Thanks for all the kind thoughts.

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