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Update from the Front
2007-07-29, 10:38 a.m.

Day 1070

Haven’t been around for a few days. Been semi busy, behaving, and enjoying the new state of things.

Spent Friday with Ms. CL. Had a great time. Watched Saw III in the morning, which makes me want to go back and re-watch the first two. After the movie, we headed for Keuka College to pick up her financial aid check from the bursar, and had a nice lunch in Penn Yan, the village where the college is located. Took a different scenic route back home (hour+ trip each way). Never, ever had a lull in the conversation. Basically spent about 8 hours together, and with the exception of watching the movie, never had a moment one of us wasn’t gabbing about something. Guess that’s how it goes when two people are trying to fill in each others blanks.

When we got back from our road trip, we settled down at her place again, for more of the gabfest. During that round, we clearly established that yes, we were in this to be friends and no more - at least for now. CL has no intentions of being a home wrecker (her words), and that relieves me to no end. Right from the get go, I had mentioned just being sounding boards for each other. With the separation from her stbx, she’s moved to 30 or so miles from her family & friends. All she really knows around here are her co-workers. She could use a little support network, and really, no one can have too many friends. She’s still on the prowl for a more intimate relationship, which I have to respect (and support). However, there’s a sort of tacit agreement between us that if my own situation were to change and I became an unrestricted free agent, we’d have first dibs with each other. Provided of course that she doesn’t find her Prince Charming first.

So. That leaves my own situation. Work to be done there, for sure. But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?), things are looking hopeful. I mentioned earlier that she had gone off to an AA meeting Wednesday evening. Again Friday, she asked that we have dinner wrapped up by 7 as she had “some errands to do” later. I think it was Thursday evening I found her on the patio reading a book and innocently asked her what she was reading. I didn’t get a straight answer, it was more of a defensive move on her part. That turned into one of those “D’oh” moments and I just shut up and tip toed away. Turns out she was reading “The Big Book”, which is basically the AA guide to recovery. Very cool.

I’ve yet to approach her about it. I’ll wait until she brings it up, but just knowing that she’s taken a couple of steps towards recovery is uplifting. The mood between us is way lighter and easier than it’s been for quite some time. I just want to make sure she’s ok with my going to the convention in Syracuse come September. Tell you the truth, I think it was her learning that I was going to the convention that may have finally struck a nerve inside her someplace. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad mistake to leave that file on the hutch. Funny how good things can arise from apparent mistakes.

Well, I gotta run. Have an invite to go play a round of golf with Eric and his buddies. Even got it sanctioned by Cindy. How good is that? I’m off to go enjoy the weather, swear at a few golf balls and teach the youngsters a thing or two about the game. I just hope they don’t beat me too badly. See y’all come Monday.

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