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Nothing Moved
2007-09-12, 11:57 a.m.

Day 1116

Gah!! Nothing moved. Not the car, not Cindy, not our positions on how things are. At least nothing regressed. (But how could they?)

On the car Ė Computer showed no problems. Fuel pump runs, car will start, but runs very rough. With starter fluid down the carb it runs like a raped ape. Herb dumped in 2 Ė 3 gallons of gas Ė voila!! Ė runs like a champ. In Cindyís defense, it appears that the gas gauge is a little off. When I saw it last night, it was clearly at least a needle width above E, but was definitely not running.

Herb checked fuel pressure and a few other things and declared it fixed. I asked him to change the fuel filter and do an oil/filter change too. Will be ready tonight.

Cindy didnít move to Zachís room. First, it isnít done. I only just put the window panes back in place last night and still have to finish the base moldings. The guest room is uninhabitable as it has the bulk of furniture from Zachís room in it. Ericís room? He may be away at college, but itís still best to leave his door closed. Itíll get the decontamination treatment soon.

Our positions? No change. After our little email exchange yesterday, I typed up a final reply (A whole page. Can you imaging me typing that much? Heh.) but didnít send it. Instead, I printed it out (her last declaration and my reply) and stuffed it in my back pocket. I fully intended to use it as a giant note card last night. Sort of a prompt list for discussion points. But the mood was so frickin icy, I just never sat her down and went through with it. Of course, I had my meeting to head off to and by the time I got back home (9:30ish) I wasnít really up to launching into a potentially lengthy discussion. Cindy looked like maybe she wanted to, but still, the iciness was just too daunting.

Weíve had another brief email exchange today based on the car. She asked if I even saw her note from yesterday. My response was pretty much a paraphrase of the previous paragraph, with an invitation to have that talk tonight. Unfortunately, sheís stuck at a board meeting at school and may not get home till 8:30 or later. That could screw the pooch as far as any discussion tonight. (yeah, yeah, I know Ė is a few hours sleep worth more than a 26+ year relationship? Hardly. Maybe. Depends.)

Biked in to work again this morning. Was a little chillier today, and the wind was out of the north. Still, it felt like I was going faster the whole way, but my elapsed time was like 30 seconds longer. I know, 30 seconds in a 27 minute trip is nothing (well, 2% or so), but geeze Ė it really felt faster. Must have been the head wind adding a sense of greater speed. I have to check my rear wheel mount too. Get up over 30mph (down hill folks, Iím not nearly that fast on the flats) and the rear end feels a little unstable (the bikeís, not mine). Still, itís a nice little workout Ė 8.5 miles in 27.5 minutes or so (18.5ish mph) and it saves me about a gallon of gas a day. Thatís $2.86 at the best place I can find around here Ė ironically, right across the street from where I work.

Anyhow. Gotta run. Taking a half day today to get more work done on that room and also go pick up Cindyís car. The garage closes at 5 on Wednesday and I donít want bike problems screwing me up. I donít mind riding my bike to work, but it makes it hard to be mobile at lunch time. Plus, tomorrow I need to run to Tarjay and look for some teeny ruby slippers. Need them for a raffle basket Iím taking to the assembly this weekend. The theme is ďThereís no place like Al AnonĒ and how can I resist the reference to the Wizard of Oz? The girls in my group think Iím crazy, but, being the only guy, I ought to be allowed a little eccentricity, ya think? So ruby slippers it is. Iím looking for doll sized ones basically. If any of you have ideas on where to find some, let me know. Unfortunately, Iíve only got until Friday afternoon to complete this mission.

Better go . . .

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