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2009-01-13, 10:37 p.m.

Day 1605

My day counter was off. That’s what I get for trying to update from home, away from the cozy confines of my work cube and my official non-smoking day counting calendar(s). On my sixth calendar now. Somehow, by the magic of fractions and all, this only translates to 4 years 5 months of no butts, but that 5 months is split over two calendar years now. What ever.

Something in that anesthesia cocktail I had yesterday is giving me a low grade, persistent headache. It was also nearly impossible to stay awake yesterday afternoon. That’s why yesterday’s update was so short (you’re welcome). I’d be doing something, my head would get heavy, I’d lean back a bit then wake up an hour later. Sorta like the procedure yesterday.

I remember getting wheeled into the room, seeing the 2 meter long butt-o-scope (seriously – 5 ½ to 6 feet in that thing went. Glad I was out. I may have gagged a little.). Dr. Kim explained the minimal risks associated with the procedure. I signed a waiver. The nurse asked me to roll over onto my left side. I mentioned something about that being my good sleeping side, I saw her push down the plunger on a hypodermic, then I woke up in recovery. I do remember some slight sensations of things being moved around ‘back there’, but nothing concrete. Far as I need to remember, the nurse hit the magic button and I woke up in recovery. Suh-weet. I am going to scan & post at least one of the pictures they gave me. Sort of as a PSA. I was going to ask if they’d let me watch, but I think I’m happy with the way things worked out. I got my souvenir and I don’t have to know just how uncomfortable I might have been.

The Bob. Sad state of affairs. Sunday we got a call from CMSS. He was refusing meds, wouldn’t get dressed, was prancing around nekkid, peeing in waste baskets. Appears to be the result of having an untreated bladder or UT infection. Apparently, in the elderly an untreated infection can cause bizarre behavior. He’s in the hospital now, being treated for the infection. But – he’s refusing to eat or drink, won’t really do anything other than lie in bed. He’s also running a fever, in spite of being on antibiotics for the UTI.

Today he’s to be observed & evaluated. CMSS will take him back, but he needs to show some signs of self sufficiency. Otherwise it’s off to a higher level of care, either till he regains some ability and can go back to CMSS, or permanently. Personally, I kind of think that inside he’s aware of what’s happening and he’s given up. It sucks to say it, but I really think he’s frustrated with the way thing are going and he’s decided to just pack it in. Maybe that will change when the infection gets cleared up. Maybe it’s a result of the anti-psychotic cocktail he’s on. Like I mentioned before, my boys have their instructions. If I get into my 70’s and start acting like that, leave me out on the ice, please.

On to more cheerful subjets.

Um. Cheerful? Where’d you go? C’mere boy!! C’mon, I won’t hurtcha (Too bad . . .)!

How about this – instead of posting a picture of what it looks like 6 feet deep into my nether regions, I’ll tell you how horrible the day of prep was. For real. For those of you that have been pestered by your doc’s about getting this done. (Hi Rox!!)

Really, it isn’t that bad. My own prep used all over the counter laxatives. Took the first (two days worth of dulcolax) at 10 am. Mixed 238g (14 doses) of miralax with a quart of Gatorade (my liquid of choice. Yours may vary, but may not have any red dye in it). At noon, I chugged the first 8 ounces of that lovely concoction. Had a slightly chalky aftertaste. Every 30 minutes I had another 8 ounces. Had to drink all the miralax solution, in 8 oz increments until it was gone. I think the first real ‘action’ didn’t happen till after 1pm. It was prefaced with a fair amount of rumbling & grumbling, but no cramping or bloatiness (is that even a word?)

After that it was really no more than making a trip to the bathroom about every 30 minutes - to “read another page of National Geographic”. I planned ahead to do absolutely nothing all afternoon. In truth, I could have done some simple, non-strenuous jobs. But football playoffs were on and I worked my ass off to have the afternoon & evening free, so I enjoyed what I could. Really, only 10 minutes out of every hour kinda sucked. By evening, things started to settle down. One last sneak attack at 2am finished things off.

Then it was show up, strip down, answer a few questions and take a nap. Easy.

Oh – further update on The Bob. Possible pneumonia. I gotta stop in and check on him tomorrow on my way to work. See if I can weasel an update out of the staff. In spite of HIPA, they’re pretty good about sharing information. We have so many HIPA forms filed, we’re good to go in about every hospital in the county. Pneumonia would be nice. It would explain the lethargy & fever. On top of a UTI? No wonder he’s been a little cranky. I would be.

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