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The Funk Continues
2007-03-23, 4:59 p.m.

Day 943

Ok, so maybe it wasnít Wednesday night TV that did me in. That lethargy from Thursday morning leaked over into Friday morning too. Started out so promising too. Got up before the alarm clock. 15 whole minutes before. Got my butt moving and even got up into the cycling studio before the warm up exercises ended. The fuzzy feelings ended shortly after that. Not 10 minutes into class my legs were approaching a lead like state. Just could not get them moving as fast as I wanted. Didnít think it was a matter of too much resistance, just more of what ever was bugging me yesterday.

Did what I could, hung in through the whole class, but seemed like I was running at 75% capacity. Sad part is the instructor could see it, Iím sure. This is the guy that never met a hill he didnít want to sprint over. Sadistic bastard. I love his classes & music selections, and heís usually pretty good at spurring you on, but this morning it just wasnít meant to be I guess.

Unfortunately, Iíve done set goals for this month concerning how many miles to run, how many hours of cycling to do and how much weight training to get in. Granted, they were kind of Ďstretchí goals to begin with, but still, theyíre hanging out there like a carrot. To make them, there isnít much room for a break. Maybe this Sunday, unless the weather is nice and I decide to go for an outdoor ride (very, very possible), and thereís the whole red G@torade test to do tomorrow (shhhh, yes, it must be done).

Funny thing is, it seems to be limited to the legs. Upper body was fine doing weights this morning. At least as good as it usually is, not like I was bailing after only 2 sets or anything. Iím wondering if this can be traced back to a biorhythm thing. It sure seems to run in cycles. I wonder if itís in synch with my so called body cycles. Time for inquiring minds to get to work.

Well, after doing a wee bit of biorhythm research, Iím thinking maybe thereís not a lot of substance there. Itís that, or my parents misinformed my as to my actual date of birth. Which I doubt. See, while both of the sites I selected said that I was low physically, that low was also in place last week, and twice last week I set best times for 5k runs. So either my birth date was wrong (nope), my physical cycles are different than what these people believe (who knows?), or maybe itís a bunch of bunk. More than likely Iím suffering from too little sleep, no real rest (rest & sleep being different beasties) and just a general sense of ennui, given the current state of affairs.

Current state of affairs being thereís a lot of stuff going on at work what with our groups impending transfer out of our current corporation and subsequent move to a stand alone corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary of a foreign conglomerate. The job part is easy. Itís the benefits package considerations that need a ton of attention. Iíd like to have someone at home to discuss options with, but that isnít happening. So it looks like Iíll get to spend some quality time this weekend reading everything, falling asleep, waking up & reading it all again, scribbling down questions, checking the ďtransition web siteĒ for FAQsí and generally making decisions myself. Which, well, it IS my benefits package and all, but theoretically, ones spouse should have an interest in things, no? I always thought so, but if sheís got no interest in whatís going on, Iíll just decide on whatís best for me & the kids. Iíll give her another shot to act interested first, but for the most part? Itís just a formality.

Last night of bowling last night. Almost feel relieved. Never threw so many good shots and got so poorly rewarded. As an example, 2nd game. Out of 11 first shots, I had 2 strikes, 1 nasty split and 8, count Ďem, 8 single pin leaves. Thereís a variety of the game called no-tap, where 9ís count as strikes. Using that scoring method, I shot a 264. In reality? It was only a 191 or something. Terrible. But thatís what the entire second half of the season was like. One constant struggle. Itíll be nice to get a bit of a break. Iím sure by September Iíll be raring to go again. Plus it frees up a night for other activities. Nice meeting two towns over. Great time slot, 5 Ė 6pm. Potential sponsor material there too. Weíll see next week.

After bowling last night, we did our season end banquet. Had a nice dinner at a local bar, used to be called The Ugly Mug. Theyíre our league sponsors, hence the leagues name: Three Ugly Men League. The bar has changed ownership & names (itís not the Village Pub, how droll), but the league name stuck.

Should have gotten a picture of me with one of the guys we bowled last night. Little Joe. Heís about 6-6 or 6-7, got to weigh 400+ pounds. His shoulders are easily as wide as the average door frame, built like an offensive lineman. Huge. Would have been kind of funny to see me, 6í, 195lbs standing next to this behemoth. Used to play football in college and more recently wrestled for whatever WWsomething Vince McMahon runs. Joe would be one of the under card matches, local fodder to get beat up by the big name guys. Paid him a few bucks and really, I donít think he could get hurt. In spite of his size, heís one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I guess when youíre that big, you donít need to be nasty to get things to go your way.

When I got home after the banquet last night, right around 9:15, Cindy managed to stumble in from smoking in the garage, turn off the TV and a few lights, then she sorta poured herself upstairs and disappeared. That pouring up the stairs part is a neat trick too. Made it rather hard for me to discuss the job offer package I got from our new corporate owners earlier in the day. Also felt like I wasnít allowed to watch TV, since she went and shut it down and all.

Zach came down a little later and gave me a quick rundown of the evening from the time he got home. After he got back from bowling (he subbed for youngest bro again), Cindy was already 2.79 sheets to the wind. Zach grabbed Jill, told Cindy they were headed out to the mall and would get something to eat there.

About an hour later, he got a call from Cindy, asking him what he wanted for dinner. When he said he & Jill already at some restaurant, she asked him what she was supposed to eat. Like Zach was supposed to cook or order dinner for her? Right. I have no idea what she did for dinner. Iím a little concerned, nutrition, health, all that stuff, but if sucking down booze has priority over being able to eat? Not my problem.

Zach is bothered by the situation. Jill is uncomfortable. Eric really enjoys being away at college. Iíve made it known to all of them that they are free to hit up Al Anon or even Al Ateen. So far, theyíre reluctant to go, which is understandable. Iíll keep reminding them of the option, but I canít force it on them. Cindy doesnít wish to acknowledge whatís going on. It would get in the way of the addiction, admitting itís causing a problem. I suppose at this point the problem is still rather minor as far as addictions and their impacts go, but it is certainly frustrating. Itís speeding up a vicious cycle. Everyone shuns her because she drinks, and she drinks because everyone shuns her. She is, of course, shifting the blame on to everyone else. Iím reassuring everyone else that they are, of course, not to blame. They all accept that at face value, but it doesnít eliminate the awkward and/or difficult situations that come up.

At least it hasnít gotten so bad that it interferes with her work. Yet. Although I have to wonder of some of the subs she calls havenít picked up on how, hmmmm, altered her reality is when she calls sometimes. Iím afraid one of them will blow her in eventually. Maybe thatíll get shit stirred up at work Ė but I have to let that play itself out and not help things along. Hate the risk it involves too.

Well, this has dragged on long enough. Ought to call it quits for now. But that means packing up and going home. Heh. I didnít get anything out for dinner either. Oh boy.

Gat0rade test tomorrow!! Yes Gretchen, guys are weird. This will only help to reinforce that notion. Better go make sure the toilet is clean for the ďbefore and afterĒ shots.

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