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No Expectations
2007-05-30, 6:17 p.m.

Day 1011
Had a more detailed entry ready to fly. Itís now stuck on my PC at work. Went and transferred the wrong file to my thumb drive. Now youíre stuck with the Readers Digest version.

Having no expectations about certain things is good. Not being lulled into a false sense of security because of a few good days is also good. When those two things have to coincide to keep you from bashing holes in the walls is not good.

Not more than 30 minutes after I got home last night, things had degenerated from a peaceful, promising weekend back into the same old shit. Glad I wasnít hitching my hopes on how the weekend went. Glad Iím learning better.

On the learning front, Iíve accepted the position of the Group Representative (GR) for my Tuesday evening Al Anon group. Heh. Cindy hates it when I go to meetings (an extension to last nights degeneration), now I get one extra meeting a month, Al Anon related mail coming directly to the house, and two mandatory conventions a year. At least the Spring convention is over. Next one to sweat is the fall soiree Ė 3 fun filled days in Syracuse. At least expenses are covered by the group.

Maybe while Iím in the ĎCuse I can look up Serena for an evening out. That would be a blast. Have to keep that in mind.

Patty the pedal pusher was in rare form this morning. ďItís all about the paceĒ was her theme of the morning. Oy! That girl can go and go and go . . . I wonder what sort of resistance she keeps on her flywheel? I may have to go up and compare the temp of her flywheel to my own after class sometime. Heh. Flywheel envy. Whatís next?

Tomorrow night is the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge (hereafter called the JPMCCC). Itís a 3.5 mile race at my alma mater (RIT) sponsored by JPMC Bank. Last year there were some 9500 registered runners. Took me 2:08 just to get to the starting line!! This year looks to be warm & humid for the race Ė weather I actually like running in. That cold and dreary stuff makes me want to stay indoors. I clearly recall last years time. Iím hoping to beat that by 5+ minutes by 1 Ė actually running faster and 2 Ė getting closer to the starting line at the start. You start the race according to your anticipated mile pace. Faster runners up front, walkers at the rear. Last year, I got stymied by so many women that were walking and had lined up way in the front of the pack Ė if I get stuck behind any this year Iím running their illiterate asses over. Sue me. Read the race directions.

Someone has been tiptoeing through my archives. Which is fine, thatís why theyíre there. But I noticed today they got to a really juicy spot. So whoever that is cruising in from an AOhell isp Ė say hi, wouldja? Iíve got a teeny inking who it might be, and thatís cool, Iím just curious whoís tripping through my past. When I noticed, I went back and read some. I think Iíve changed some since then. At least, I hope I have.

Whelp Ė time to go think about dinner. Also trying not to wonder if Cindy is off TUI tonight. She was home when I go here but left almost immediately. Iím assuming sheís at the gym. I just wonder what she took along to drink. I really shouldnít be fretting that, right Gretchen? Donít borrow trouble. Iíll go think of something quiet & peaceful. Like my pond. Later.

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