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Huh? Ate Slow?
2008-12-28, 10:23 p.m.

Day 1588

Oh!! Great Show!! Sorry - ears are still pounding.

Just stopping in to add a few quick pics. Still a little deaf from the concert last night. Took it REAL easy today, didn't do much more than make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a few odds & ends (but what about the evens & starts?)

Anyhow. The concert. Tried to get to the Dinosaur before the show. We got there @5:15pm. There was a 2+ hour wait - apparently all 10,000 people going to the concert had the same idea. We boogied out of downtown and headed over to near where Zach works. (for the locals, went from the underground garage @ the Public Safety Building to The Village Gate) Hit up a really nice place. He called it a burger joint, but that did it no justice. Gourmet burger joint, maybe, and they had some really nice, original salads. Salads were named after local parks, Burgers & sammmies were named after local celebs (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Garth Fagan, Taye Diggs and probably no one else you'd know). Had a nice, unhurried dinner & still made it back downtown in plenty of time.

Our seats? Floor, fifteenth row, left half of the stage. Pretty sweet spot. Better yet, we were actually the first row of the second section, meaning there was a nice wide aisle right in front of us. Considering Cindy is a beast at 5'1" and Kelly is an imposing 5'0", having no one directly in front of us was an added bonus.

Can't do the show justice. Very high tech, literally tons of lights & pyrotechnics. The lighting racks were on winches & motors and could be configured countless ways. Zach managed to get a complete video of the drum solo. It looks good, sounds eh - ok. But you just can't feel the pounding of the bass.

Uh-oh. Sitting here watching the San Diego/Denver game and the signal just went away. Oh - nope. It's back. Been windy as all get out here today. 30+ mph winds with 70mph gusts. Also, last night leaving the show it was in the upper 60's. It was still in the 50's early this morning. With all the wind and the associated front, it was below 40 by lunch time today.

Anyhow. Pictures. Show opened with the two lead guitars and the String Master (Anna Phoebe - I think she's just barely human. Absofuckinglutely incredible) (Kinda hot too). So they dropped out of the ceiling like this:

The barely human Ms. Phoebe is in the center.

Just past halfway, the band takes a bit of a break and Chris, the lead guitar introduces everybody. He also gives shameless plugs to one of the more popular restaurants in town:

Wonder if he had to wait two hours for a table? TSO has been coming here 10 years - he's eaten at The Dinosaur for the last 9. Guess he didn't know about it the first time through town. But geeze, it's literally across the river from the concert hall - not even a quarter mile walk.

Just to demonstrate a teeny bit of the lighting rigs flexibility, here's how the show wrapped up.

The letters are being displayed on the bottom of the platforms the musicians were standing on as they were lowered to the stage at the start of the show. The big parts of the racks have been tilted 45 degrees or so.

Saw a gal from work at the show and I gotta admit, I NEVER expected to see here there. Next week, when I can hear again, I'll have to buy her a cup of coffee and compare notes on the show.

Right now, I need to hit the hay. Busy day off tomorrow. Still have this damn room project to finish.

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